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David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (commonly referred to as D&D) got some big Emmy nominations for Game of Thrones. The much-maligned showrunners of Game of Thrones were nominated for Outstanding Writing and fans have been reacting to the news and possible win with memes. Read on to learn more and see the best memes, tweets, and reactions. This post will have spoilers for Season 8 of Game of Thrones. 

Some Fans Are Livid about D&D Getting Emmy Nominations, Especially for Outstanding Writing


(The meme above was shared by u/Sami1398 on Reddit.) In total, Game of Thrones was nominated for 32 Emmys this year, despite how contentious that last season was for fans. Among those nominations was “Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series” for Benioff and Weiss, along with “Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series” for Benioff and Weiss.

Some fans are thrilled about some of the nominations. Emilia Clarke was nominated for lead actress in a drama series.

In fact, Clarke’s nomination was a rollercoaster of emotions for some. This one was shared by u/Zoldra0 on Reddit.


And some are just having a visceral reaction to the whole thing.

Kit Harington was nominated for lead actor. Game of Thrones itself was nominated for Oustanding Drama Series. And Alfie Allen, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, Gwendoline Christie, Lena Headey, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Carice van Houten, David Nutter, and Miguel Sapochnik all walked away with nominations too.

But the episodes that HBO submitted are troubling to fans, including the finale called “The Iron Throne” and “The Long Night,” which feature a battle with the Night King. The finale by D&D was nominated for Outstanding Writing, which fans are especially bitter about. Bryan Cogman, who wrote an episode of Season 8 that fans loved called “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” didn’t get any nominations.

So a final season that has been the source of memes and even a petition to rewrite the season signed by over a million fans has now garnered 32 Emmys – a record.

In fact, D&D’s writing was notorious for forgetting about plot points and character development this season. Jaime said he never cared for the people of King’s Landing (although that was why he was the Kingslayer) and Danaerys “kind of forgot about the Iron Fleet.”

More than a million fans signed a viral petition to rewrite Season 8. The petition creator, Dylan D., talked to Heavy about why he made the petition. Dylan said, in part: “Really it was a combination of Episode 3 and 4’s failures that brought me to the point of writing the petition. There were many, many qualms I had with the episodes, but I’ll mention a couple. The Battle of Winterfell was a strategic disgrace. I mentioned in my long update that the show suffered from ‘everyone is stupid’ syndrome. I’m sure there is a better term for it, but when the plot is intense and dramatic simply because every character involved is an idiot, that is not great writing. You had some of the wisest, most experienced individuals in Westeros all in one room, and THAT was the defense strategy?” (Read the whole interview here.)

At the same time, fans rallied around Emilia Clarke to support her charity and show that they support the actors even if they don’t support D&D. Elle Ellaria/Sarah, the creator of the Emilia Clarke petition, also spoke to Heavy. She said she started the fundraiser because she and other fans on Freefolk were inspired by Clarke’s strength after recovering from two brain hemorrhages. She said they also wanted to show their collective support for the cast and crew, especially after the petition was taken the wrong way by some.

“We also collectively wanted it to be a message of love and support to the cast and crew of Game of Thrones, who have all done a phenomenal job bringing Westeros to life for almost the past decade,” Sarah said. “Since there has been a misunderstanding of the intent the petition (which we at r/freefolk started as a harmless joke to poke fun at Dan Weiss & David Benioff – not anyone else, though it snowballed unexpectedly), it seemed important to make that message clear. We’re hoping this show of positivity and solidarity will have as much impact and publicity as the now-infamous petition.” (Read Heavy’s full interview here.)

But now, in addition to all the actors’ nominations, D&D are nominated also. And fans aren’t too happy about it. Here are some more memes and reactions.

This reaction might be the best one though:

How do you feel about the nominations?

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