Did Debby Ryan & Cameron Boyce Ever Date? No.

Debby Ryan


Debby Ryan and Cameron Boyce were never boyfriend and girlfriend, nor did they ever date, as far as the public knows. The two became close friends several years ago while filming Jessie together. The Disney Channel show bonded several kids, including Ryan and Boyce. However, their relationship never blossomed into something romantic.

Boyce has been linked to several of his female co-stars, especially ones from Disney Channel’s Descendants, but he previously denied dating any of them.

“I’m dating five people. I’m dating [Dove Cameron], I’m dating Sofia [Carson], I’m dating Sofia’s sister [Paulina], I’m dating Brenna [D’Amico], I’m dating Sophie [Reynolds], I’m dating everyone and I’m dating none of them,” he told TOPPtube back in 2017.

According to Who’s Dated Who, Ryan dated Gregg Sulkin in 2009, Sean Marquette, also in 2009, and Jason Dolley in 2008. She started dating her now-fiance Josh Dun in 2013 — while Jessie was on the air.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ryan Hasn’t Released a Statement About Boyce’s Passing

Debby Ryan and Cameron Boyce were incredibly close, having worked together on Jessie for more than two years. Boyce passed away on Saturday, July 6, after apparently suffering a seizure in his sleep. He had previously been diagnosed with epilepsy.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting a response from Ryan, but she has yet to post a statement of any kind. The day after Boyce’s tragic death, Ryan changed her Instagram profile photo from a picture of herself to a picture of what appears to be the sky. Fans presumed that the heavenly photo was a tribute to Boyce. She also uploaded two clips of Boyce giving a speech to her Instagram story but didn’t comment on the posts at all.

Ryan’s 12.4 million Instagram followers have been commenting on old photos of her, leaving well wishes and hoping that she is okay. Many have come to understand that Boyce’s death has been overwhelming to deal with and that she will post when she feels ready to do so.

Ryan Is Engaged to Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots

Debby Ryan is engaged to Twenty One Pilots drummer, Josh Dun.

“I found a tree house in the woods in New Zealand and proposed to my girl. She my dude for life. I love you Debby,” Dun captioned an Instagram post of the proposal, which took place on December 22, 2018.

The proposal was a total surprise and Dun made it extra special — flying Ryan’s brother and sister-in-law to New Zealand to celebrate with them.

“I think it’s really key to be with someone who respects you and likes you for who you are and honestly makes it really attractive to do things you want to me. To take up a new hobby and push yourself,” Ryan told People Magazine in 2018.

No word yet on when the wedding will be.

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