DJ Pauly D’s Daughter & Baby’s Mom Now – 7/11/2019

DJ Pauly D Daughter


Years ago, DJ Pauly D found out that he was the father to a baby girl named Amabella Sophia Markert. Fast forward to today, Pauly D is a proud daddy and recently called his daughter a “mini me” on Live! With Kelly and Ryan. He also said that he already has little Amabella “on the turntables”, following in his footsteps at age 6. Gushing over his little girl, Pauly D continued, saying, “I look at her and I see myself, the way she acts and everything. She’s a prank war champion too. She hides my phone.” As for whether his daughter knows about Pauly D’s show Jersey Shore, he said she knows of it but she’s not allowed to watch it because it’s too risque.

Though Amabella doesn’t know much about her dad’s Jersey Shore life, she does know a lot about his DJ status. In an interview with Us Weekly, Pauly D said, “She knows I’m a DJ, she knows I have these huge crowds, and I am a big influence, and she knows what an influence is, she calls me famous when I go to the airport … people yell my name and she sees that. She is already aware and then so I tell her that I use that for good, to bring awareness to causes like this. To help prevent that kind of thing to prevent the bad. I let her know.”

So, who is the mom of Amabella? Well, Pauly D had a one-night stand with a woman named Amanda Markert in Las Vegas, Nevada. Markert is from New Jersey and she has another child (a son named Mikey) from a previous relationship. She is the mother of Pauly D’s daughter.

In recent months, Amabella’s mother wrote about her daughter’s act of charity on Instagram. According to Markert, Amabella wanted to donate her hair to those in need, so they went to a salon and chopped it off. Markert wrote, “I couldn’t wait to have a little daughter with long pretty hair…and then one day she came home from school and said, ‘Mommy I want to give my hair to someone else who needs it, just cut it up to my ears.’ At first, I thought she wasn’t serious. Then I thought the idea would pass. I tried talking her out if it. Brother heard us and made a comment about how she would look like a boy (which I had a talk with him later lol) but it didn’t bother her anyway.” Markert continued, “She wasn’t concerned with the sacrifice, she was motivated by love. If this is what God put in her heart to do, then that is what we will follow! Twelve inches and she looks cute as ever! I’m so proud of her!” It sounds like Pauly D’s daughter is a very sweet and thoughtful girl.

As for whether or not Pauly D, age 39, wants to have more kids in the future, In Touch Weekly reported that he does want to have more with whoever ends up his wife.

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