‘Euphoria’ Episode 6 IMDb Ratings & Twitter Reactions


Episode 6 of Euphoria was dark, to say the least. Fans are still recovering from the episode and will likely be talking about it for some time. Here’s a look at the episode’s ratings on IMDb and the reactions that fans are sharing on Twitter. This post will have spoilers for Episode 6.  (Read Heavy’s review of Episode 6 here.)

Episode 6 Has an Astounding 9.8 out of 10 Rating on IMDb

As of the time of publication, Episode 6 of Euphoria has a 9.8 out of 10 rating on IMDb out of 32 reviews. This is an amazing rating for a new show’s first season. More than 87 percent rated it 10 out of 10 stars.

The majority of the ratings came from the 18-29 demographic, with a few coming from the 30-44 demographic.

There are also currently three written reviews about the episode, two of which are 10 out of 10. One person wrote: “Euphoria keeps getting better. … Considering the extensive character development, beautiful cinematography, and a soundtrack that is unparalleled; Euphoria is second to none.”

Another person with a 10 out of 10 review wrote: “Awesome party episode, many connections, immaturity, and heartwarming bits too. Not a bad one, definitely awkward and grotesque! I love learning about various characters each episode plus the soundtrack is electrifying. The pure drama is marvelously done well!”

The person who gave the show a lowly 7 out of 10 wrote: “If you watch the first 5 minutes of the pilot episode you will notice that the show seemed to be about something with a much higher perspective than just high school drama and the following episodes still showed quality but slowly also showed the story will remain about the characters. Not that that’s a bad thing, i just expected something with a higher scale and point of view. Still good and looking forward to next 2 episodes.” [sic]

So even the lowest review is still looking forward to the next episode.

For comparison, the latest episode of Big Little Lies had 9.4 out of 10 with a total of 237 ratings. So while more people reviewed the episode, the ratings were similar.

Fans Were Shocked in Their Online Reactions

A lot happened in the episode, from McKay’s assault scene to Nate’s manipulative victory and things breaking down between Rue and Jules. Fans has a lot to say online about the episode. A lot of fans weren’t sure what happened to McKay tonight.

Not everyone loved the episode. Some wished that we went deeper into McKay’s backstory.

A lot of fans absolutely loved Lexi and her Bob Ross costume. She provided much-needed levity and emotional support.

Lexi is the supportive friend that Rue needs.

But Fezco is pretty great too.

And Nate is insane. Fans agree that something needs to be done about him.

Will Rue be the one to put Nate in his place?

And poor Jules, getting drunk just to deal with seeing Nate free after she was blackmailed into blaming someone else for his crimes.

Now that the episode is over, fans are going to be processing everything that happened for quite some time.


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