Handmaids Tale: How Many Episodes Are Left in Season 3 After Tonight?

The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 episode 11, titled “Liars,” aired Wednesday morning, July 31, at 12 a.m. ET on Hulu. With episode 11 right around the corner, fans might be wondering when the season 3 finale is slated to air, and how many episode remain after tonight. Season 3 contains 13 episodes in total, so there will be two more episodes remaining after tonight’s episode airs. 

UPDATE 8/6/2019: With episode 12, titled “Sacrifice,” airing tonight, there will only be ONE episode left in season 3. Click here for episode 12 spoilers! The finale episode, titled “Mayday” premieres next week on August 14.

Hulu’s official description for episode 11 reads “A return to Jezebels puts everything in jeopardy. Serena Joy and Commander Waterford take a clandestine trip.” You can watch the promo for episode 11 below:

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Fans of The Handmaid’s Tale will actually have more of the series to look forward to this Autumn following the finale of season 3 next month. Margaret Atwood, the author of the critically acclaimed book-turned-television series, is writing a sequel to the her original novel, which she says is “inspired by the state of the modern world.” The sequel, to be titled The Testaments, will be published on September 10, 2019, less than a month after the season 3 finale, which airs on August 14. Atwood’s original novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, was published in 1985.

Atwood wrote on Twitter that the sequel would be set 15 years after the end of the original book (or, for fans of the Hulu series, following the end of season 1), and will be narrated by three female characters. The book will be the 79-year-old’s first novel since the Shakespeare-inspired Hag-Seed was published in 2016, according to the BBC.

Season’s 2 and 3 of the Hulu Original Series has already gone beyond the parameters of Atwood’s original novel, so it will be interesting to see if the author sticks to any of June’s story in the subsequent seasons, or if the book will be completely separate.

Season 3 episode 11 will pick up where last week’s episode left off. (Spoilers ahead, so turn back if you’re not caught up!)

For those who need a quick recap of last week’s episode, titled “Bear Witness,” June got an overwhelmingly positive response to her plea to help the children of Gilead escape to Canada. She came home to Commander Lawrence’s kitchen filled with muffins, which is the Marthas’ universal code for “yes, we will help you.” This little ray of hope came shortly after Fred Waterford, Serena, Commander Winslow and Aunt Lydia showed up at the Lawrence’s home and forced them to perform the Ceremony; the incident left Eleanor Lawrence a complete and total wreck after watching her husband essentially rape June, with whom she’d grown close over the last few episodes.

Serena also showed Fred the secret cell phone that Mark Tuello, her Canadian contact (who actually hails from pre-Gilead America) gave her when she met with Luke earlier this season. Serena implored him to consider other options to get Nicole back, so we will likely see what comes of their decision to commit treason against Gilead during tonight’s episode.

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Move the point, Serena.

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For spoilers on tonight’s episode, titled “Liars,” you can click the link below, otherwise tune in Wednesday at 12 a.m. ET (Tuesday at 11 p.m. CT, 9 p.m. PT) to catch the newest episode of The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.

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