Is Henry Ian Cusick (Kane) Leaving ‘The 100’?

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Tonight In Season 6 Episode 9 of The 100, fans were shocked by a plot twist that no one was expecting. Does this mean that Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) is leaving The 100? Read on for details. (This post will have major spoilers for “What You Take with You.”)

In the latest episode of The 100, we got to see the fallout of Abby teaching the Primes how to create nightblood and then using that knowledge to create a new host body for Marcus Kane. Kane was injured severely and Abby had been keeping him alive by keeping him in cryostasis on the ship. But she woke him up so she could copy his mind onto the mind drive and then implant his mind into a new, willing, younger host.

But when Kane woke up, he didn’t want anything to do with Abby’s idea. He was repulsed by what they did, even if the host was willing to sacrifice his life. It wasn’t enough for Kane. So he decided to take the nightblood technology along with his new body and space himself, thereby killing his new body.

I had mixed feelings about this. The body’s original mind was already dead, so it’s not like Kane’s actions would bring him back. On top of that, it simply makes the original host’s sacrifice in vain. It would be better, in my opinion, if Kane had devoted his life to stopping the Primes (kind of like what Gabriel is doing.)

But instead, Kane spaced himself. So now, Kane’s new body is dead and yes, Kane’s original body is also dead. This was clearly demonstrated in the previous episode, when Kane looked over in his new body and saw his old body bloodied and dead on a table. It seems there is no coming back from that.

For all intents and purposes, Kane is indeed dead and has left The 100. Of course, I can imagine a few scenarios where they could bring him back. The mind drive that holds Kane’s mind isn’t destroyed, it’s just out in space. So I could certainly see that drive being retrieved by someone at some point in the future and coming into play again. I could also theoretically see the idea of our crew coming across cloning technology at some point that would let them clone Kane’s original body. But at this point, Kane is gone.

Henry Ian Cusick revealed the same on Twitter. He wrote: “All things end and that’s was Kane’s. Thanks to @JRothenbergTV and all the cast crew writers directors of #the100 but especially to you #kabby and #kane supporters, your passion and support over the years has been truly wonderful and I love you guys for that! May we meet again X.” 

But what do we know about Henry Ian Cusick? Did he intend to leave The 100 too? It appears the answer is yes. Henry Ian Cusick is joining MacGyver as a series regular, Deadline reported. He’s joining the show’s fourth season and will play Russ opposite the lead Lucas Till, who is MacGyver. Russ is an ex-military mastermind and sales guru who is very wealthy. Before this, Cusick was a co-star on The Passage. So it appears that Henry Ian Cusick is indeed leaving The 100 and moving on to new projects.

Jason Rothenberg’s tweet also indicated the same. He wrote: “I have to say it was a pleasure and an honor to have @hicusick on our show for the past 6 years. The guy classed up the joint. Really helped us make the point that we were not a teen show. Not that there’s anything wrong with teen shows. Anyway, we will miss him.” 

So even if any of my theories are proven correct down the line, we won’t be seeing Cusick back on the show any time soon. He’s left the show and taken Marcus Kane with him. Goodbye Cusick, we’ll miss you.

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