‘Handmaids Tale’ Season 3 Episode 10: How Many Episodes Are Left After Tonight?

Tonight is the 10th episode in this season of The Handmaid’s Tale, and fans are curious when the third season is slated to wrap up.

Season 3 contains 13 episodes in total. So, there will be three more episodes remaining after this evening’s episode airs. 

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Fans are looking forward to the 2019 Emmy awards, where The Handmaid’s Tale has scored a few nods. Actor Bradley Whitford, for one, has received a nomination for Best Drama Guest Actor for his role as Commander Joseph Lawrence in the series.

The actor took home the award for Best Comedy Guest Actor in 2015 for “Transparent”, and won a Best Drama Supporting Actor award for his role in “The West Wing”.

The Handmaid’s Tale, as many people are aware by now, is out of contention in the series and regular acting categories because of when the show premiered. However, it has managed to score 11 nominations at this year’s ceremony, just behind Game of Thrones.

Just recently, series actress Madeline Brewer sat down to discuss her character of Janine, and Janine’s journey on the series. Asked about the character’s mental state now that she’s endured so many obstacles, Brewer explained:

Well, the first season she was obviously in her own little world, and there was a bit more lucidity during the second season. I think this season she’s really coming into her own about who she is in this world. I think she’s no longer going to let herself play a victim. She speaks up when she sees injustice happening like she does in Episode 8, when she tells June that she’s being mean [to Ofmatthew]. I think that her frustration and anger are starting to boil, a turning point that came after getting the shit kicked out of her twice. She’s just like, All right, no more Mr. Nice Guy. She didn’t go quite so far as June, but she’s just not going to take any more shit.

She went on to say that despite what’s been put in front of her, Janine has never “lost her resolve”. Brewer says, “…In a lot of ways, she does become fearful and can be physically small sometimes, but that internal flame has never been extinguished and it’s getting a little bit more powerful.”

The Handmaid’s Tale is based on the 1985 novel of the same name, written by Margaret Atwood. It was ordered to series in 2016 by Hulu, and follows a dystopian world in which fertile women are forced into “child-bearing servitude.”

The third season premiered on June 5, 2019.

Be sure to tune into the show tonight at 12am ET when it airs on Hulu.

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