Larissa Dos Santos Lima Talks Sex & Dating Boyfriend Eric Nichols

Larissa Dos Santos Lima New Boyfriend


Larissa Dos Santos Lima and her ex-husband Colt Johnson have shown the ups and downs in their relationship, along with their road to divorce, on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. Now, Lima has moved on with a new man, her boyfriend Eric Nichols, who has even appeared on a tell-all episode of the show. According to Newsweek, with her new relationship and the divorce from Johnson finalized, she no longer communicates with ex Johnson.

Over the course of Lima’s relationship with Johnson, she was arrested three times for domestic disputes and she kept the fact that she has kids a secret from Johnson’s mother, Debbie. With Nichols, Lima came clean about having legal issues from her failed marriage and, according to In Touch Weekly, Nichols’ response was that it was “a few bumps in the road.” He went on to also say, “I don’t know exactly what may have happened between the two of them, but for me, what’s going on with her and I? It’s very good … She makes me happy.”

Lima said her relationship with Nichols is “like a dream” and told fans on Instagram that they have sex “more than twice a day.” She also said during her Instagram Q&A that “I’ve been looking forward to [meeting] someone like him … Every day I ask him, ‘Oh, Eric, you don’t have anyone like you in the world.’”

On an episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Lima said that “sex with Colt was a disaster” and Johnson said that their sex life was “pretty much non-existent”.

In April 2019, Lima talked about her connection to Nichols, who she had been dating for a few months. She told In Touch Weekly, “We have a very deep understanding of one another, a strong connection with passion, warm mindful love that we both haven’t felt until now.”

Since Lima’s arrests, she has had to take classes to help prevent future domestic violence situations. In an Instagram video, according to Newsweek, Lima revealed, “One of the things that I’m learning with the domestic violence classes is they don’t punish you in the classes. They put you to think about what’s happening … They try to make you see the red flags, everything that’s not going well in your life relationship, life or marriage, and make you believe that you can’t control anyone … Don’t blame anyone for what’s happening with me.”

When it comes to Lima’s future with Nichols, so far she is staying in America, while her children are back in her home country. There have been no recent reports of her being deported. And, as far as marriage goes, Lima stated, “We don’t have plans to marry, but if it happens, it will be a surprise. I believe one day he wants to be married and have kids, but I don’t l know if he wants with me. But it’s ok, he’s 27 years old, I cannot put a gun and say, ‘come on marry me’.”

In an interview with E!, Lima said that she enjoys the differences between Nichols and her ex, Johnson. Lima said, “I like that he’s completely the opposite of Colt. He’s independent, he takes care of himself. So he’s not a momma’s boy.”

Lima and Nichols met on the Tinder dating app.

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