Best Luke Parker Memes From ‘The Bachelorette’ Hometowns on Twitter

Luke Parker and Hannah Brown

ABC/John Fleenor Pictured: Luke Parker and Hannah Brown

Tonight’s hometown episode of The Bachelorette introduced Hannah Brown to Luke Parker’s family. The date brought with it a slew of memes and hilarious tweets from fans of the show, as #TheBachelorette reached the top trending position on Twitter throughout the two-hour episode.

Viewers know that Luke P. has been set up as the villain for much of season 15, and even Hannah has turned on him on social media as the episodes have been airing. Amidst criticisms of his character and Hannah’s unrelenting feelings for him in spite of their drama, Twitter has been ruthless when crafting memes about Luke every time he gets screen time on the reality dating show. Episode 9 and Luke and Hannah’s hometown date was no exception.

As her hometown date with Luke unfolded on TV and viewers watched Hannah tell Luke that they were back on track and the camera that she was falling in love with him, she joined in on the meme-making with some jokes of her own on Twitter. Along with tweeting a photo of a very wavy set of tracks, she wrote “these must be the tracks we are back on.”

@hoesforbachelorette shared a gif of Nick Jonas shrugging to put a picture to what Bachelor Nation has been thinking: “Who else is so confused about Luke’s personality.”

@HaleyH1018 compared Luke’s relationship with his father to the father-daughter relationship of Parks and Recreation‘s Dr. Saperstein and Mona Lisa Saperstein.

@jesschongo referenced last week’s hilarious post-credits scene between Luke and Garrett, when Garrett sat with Bologna over his eyes as Luke stared him down. She wrote “me watching luke p’s hometown knowing he’s full of bologna.”

@kayherby_ made reference to last week’s Luke and Garrett confrontation, jokingly suggesting that Luke yelled at his church friends the way he yelled at Garrett to get them to rally around him and sing his praises to Hannah during her hometown visit.

As the tweets continued pouring in, @AmllelyN spoke for all of the Bachelorette fans posting and scrolling on Twitter as the eventful episode aired, writing “Who’s reading the tweets and not paying attention to Luke’s wack ass hometown?”

After Luke P. received a rose at the end of the episode, securing his place for next week’s fantasy suite dates, Brett S. Vergara brought back a classic meme taken from the Thomas the Tank Engine cartoons.

In yet another meme, @ddaengit used a photo of eliminated fan-favorite Mike Johnson to express their feelings about Luke and his family during the hometown date, saying that Luke’s father’s correction to Luke that Hannah is “worth of him” because she is “worth it to” Luke is “why Luke is the way he is.”

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