Luke Parker’s ‘Bachelorette’ & ‘Men Tell All’ Spoilers

Luke Parker Bachelorette Spoilers

ABC/Ed Herrera Pictured: Luke Parker

Luke Parker has been the villain contestant on The Bachelorette for season 15 and he made it all the way to the overnight dates with Hannah Brown. Week after week, Parker lied to fellow contestants, as well as Brown, and romanced Brown in the process. But, Parker’s time with Brown came to a screeching halt when a sex talk with Brown rubbed her the wrong way. Parker told her that he would end his relationship with Brown if she had sex with any of the other men on the show. The problem was that Brown had already slept with contestant Peter Weber (first reported by Reality Steve) … and Brown was vocal about not wanting to be with a man who told her what to do. Brown became extremely upset, yelled at Parker and told him to leave.

Even though Brown was the one who dumped Parker in an angry confrontation, it doesn’t mean she didn’t have feelings for him. After all, Parker received Brown’s First Impression Rose this season and she also told Entertainment Tonight that her heart was broken by Parker.

Parker’s final appearance on The Bachelorette is during the Men Tell All episode. Read on for the spoilers on his return and what he says on the MTA.

Luke Parker Returns to “The Bachelorette” With a Ring

Prior to the Men Tell All segment of tonight’s episode, Parker’s return to the show is revealed. Brown may have kicked Parker off the show, but that doesn’t mean he stayed gone … In fact, Parker shows up at the next rose ceremony, with the final 3, in Greece. In a preview clip, Parker said he wants to prove to Brown that her having sex with another man doesn’t affect his judgment of her or his wanting to be with her. According to Reality Steve, the bold move is fueled by production, who also was reported to have equipped Parker with an engagement ring for Brown. Parker is met with great upset from Brown, as well as the remaining men on the show who were excited when they thought Parker was gone for good.

Luke Parker Storms Off Stage on the “Men Tell All” … Or Does He?

Parker is one of the men who gets put in the “hot seat”, as reported by Reality Steve, on the Men Tell All Special. Host Chris Harrison asked Parker what he regretted about his time o the show and Parker ends up admitting that he shouldn’t have lied to the others on the show. He also said that he regretted holding Brown at such a high standard. Both Brown and the other contestants have the opportunity to confront Parker about his behavior this season and many of them do, according to Soap Dirt.

As for how Brown spoke about and reacted to Parker, Reality Steve stated, “Luke was the one who assured her the most he was into her. And in turn, that blinded her to him, and it was hard to let him go all season because he was there for her in the beginning when it was her most vulnerable time … She said Luke was the closest thing she’s ever experienced to love at first sight and she will never deny that feelings were real. She had to have clarity about Luke for herself and really feel the relationship close. She couldn’t bring herself to end it based on what the guys were telling her. She said she finally saw that after he spoke so horribly to her during the overnight dinner.”

According to Reality Steve, Parker left the show during the MTA taping, but he didn’t storm off. Reality Steve revealed that, “During a commercial break, Luke left the show … Luke didn’t leave on his own. He had to be on a red-eye Friday night to be back in Atlanta for a wedding on Saturday … I was emailed by someone who attended the wedding saying that’s why he left the show. However, Chris Harrison will make it seem like Luke left on his own “because he had to catch a plane. Who cares!” was the exact quote.” So, if it seems like Parker up and left, it’s been reported that this is not the case.