Are Matt & Amber Still Together? MAFS Update & Predictions

Matthew Gwynne & Amber Bowles, Married at First Sight

Lifetime Matthew Gwynne and Amber Bowles are basketball lovers and stars of this season of "Married at First Sight."

Matthew Gwynne and Amber Bowles, stars of the hit reality series Married at First Sight, are front and center on tonight’s episode of the show. Spoilers show the two facing some serious marital issues, and it looks like Matt decided to leave the house without his wedding ring and not come home all night.

With their issues being highlighted on recent episodes of the show, fans have been wondering if the two were able to work through their problems and make things work, or if they have gone their separate ways. At this moment it’s too early to tell who’s still together and who has split up on MAFS, especially considering contractual obligations to Lifetime likely stops the couples from revealing too much in terms of their current relationship status. Both of their social media profiles are set to private, as is custom for people participating on the show, so snooping through their profiles is off the table. However, we have some thoughts on their relationship status.

Matt, a 31-year-old international basketball player, and Amber, a 27-year-old middle school teacher, immediately connected over their shared love of basketball when the two first met at the alter. Although they’ve got plenty in common, the reality stars have struggled with their relationship since the show first aired. Matt isn’t interested in having children for eight years, which didn’t sit well with Amber. He was also considering taking another overseas trip to play basketball for several months, and Amber wasn’t sure their marriage could last if he was gone for so long. Also, according to Newsweek, cheating allegations recently arose on the show after a friend of Amber’s spotted Matt in a bar with another woman, so fans weren’t quite sure what to make of their relationship.

Although they’ve hit a few snags in their marriage, the two seemed to be genuinely smitten with each other when they were first introduced on their wedding day. Not only do they both share the same ideals on marriage and commitment, they are both huge basketball lovers and quickly bonded over the sport. Amber was also incredibly attracted to her husband the moment they met, and has said on the show that she can’t keep her hands off of him.

“He has really good lips,” Amber said during an earlier episode of the show. “I kiss my husband quite a bit because he’s so hot and I feel bad because I should not be this forward but he is so cute I just can’t stop. I am not stopping touching him or kissing him because I’m married to him. He’s going to have to get used to it,” she added. “He’s so cute and I’m not even affectionate so this is a big deal for me that I’m that attracted to him.”

Matt was also very optimistic about their future together and loved how forward Amber was about her attraction to him. “Today I married a stranger and she is beyond what I expected,” the 31-year-old athlete said on their wedding day. “There’s a connection there that I was not ready for. It’s not awkward and it’s not weird to be around her. She likes basketball. I can sit there and talk basketball with my wife. It doesn’t get better than that.”

Although both Matt and Amber’s social media profiles are set to private, Distractify reports that the couple was still together as of May, 2019. An insider dished to the publication that Matt got a full-time position in Charlotte as a camp director so that he could be closer to his wife, and that Amber was spotted during a night out wearing her wedding ring.

However, neither reality star has confirmed that they are still together, nor have they given any indication to the media that they split, so we can’t be certain the two are still together at this time. Fans will just have to keep tuning in Wednesdays at 8:30/7:30c on Lifetime to see how everything plays out for the lovebirds.

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