Are Nicole Nafziger & Azan Tefou on ’90 Day Fiance’ Still Together? Are They Married Yet?

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou, stars of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé, are still together despite calling off their wedding several times in the past.

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou (whose real name is Hassan M’Raouni) of 90 Day Fiance have had many ups and downs over the past few years in their relationship. The main issue for Nafziger is that her fiance lives in Morocco, while she is a U.S. resident. But, there are so many other issues that the couple has dealt with. Here are some of the hiccups the couple has had.

– Several times, Nafziger had to cancel overseas trips to visit her fiance. The trips would usually be canceled last minute and were because of Tefou. One of the reasons for a canceled trip was a family emergency, according to Tefou.

– The couple already called off their wedding once, on camera. At one point, Nafziger said it was due to financial reasons, writing on Instagram, “Too much pressure not enough time or money. You can’t rush this kind of stuff. Do it in the right moment and it wasn’t the right moment yet.” But, cameras showed she also didn’t have the proper paperwork to obtain a marriage license in Morocco when the time came, according to In Touch Weekly.

– Nafziger gave Tefou thousands of dollars to open a store. Tefou never opened a store and Nafziger lied to her family to cover up the fact that the store never happened. But then, Nafziger wrote online that she lied about giving Tefou $6,000 for a store. She stated, “Plot twist. No store = There was no 6k. Why did we lie? Because we suck at reality TV. IDK. I’m so tired of this show. Sorry TLC. I’m tired of y’all. But they didn’t tell us to say it.” But, according to In Touch Weekly, Nafziger has also admitted to followers that she HAS given Tefou money.

– After he applied for a K-1 visa, Tefou was denied.

– Nafziger’s step-father claimed to have gotten emails from someone who said they know Tefou and know that he has been using Nafziger. In addition, the person emailing her step-dad said that Tefou does not intend to actually get married to Nafziger.

– Tefou was caught in a cheating scandal. In the past, on 90 Day Fiance, Nafziger heard a recording of Tefou talking about kissing another woman and there have been several claims that he has other girlfriends as well. Despite the allegations, Nafziger has said she now trusts Tefou.

– Nafziger’s parents worry about her young daughter, May, who calls Tefou “daddy”, even though he is not her father.

Recently, 90 Day Fiance viewers speculated on social media that Nafziger and Tefou were not still together but Nafziger was quick to respond to rumors. According to The Inquistr, she fired back with, “100% NOT TRUE. [I don’t know] where this is coming from,” she wrote to fans. “Make sure when you read articles you check when it was posted. Sometimes old articles circulate. We are still happily together.”

In Touch Weekly has reported that Nafziger and Tefou have set a wedding date for 2019, as Nafziger told a fan on Instagram, “Probably not this ‘summer,’ but this year is highly likely.” An insider told In Touch that it’s unlikely Nafziger’s family will make the trip to Morocco to see her tie the knot if that day comes because they’ve already lost so much money on their plane tickets from the previously canceled nuptials.

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