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Pedro Jimeno, 90 Day Fiance

TLC/YouTube Pedro Jimeno's wife Chantel Everett doesn't get along with his mother Lidia, and Everett's family has even accused Lidia of grooming her son to marry an American wife.

Pedro Jimeno’s mother Lidia, who stars on the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé and The Family Chantelhas been at the center of some controversy surrounding her career and former business as an attorney years ago.

For those who need a recap on the ongoing feud between Pedro and Chantel’s families, the bad blood started several years ago when Chantel and Pedro first got together. Chantel and Pedro met through a mutual friend when Chantel wanted to learn Spanish and Pedro wanted to learn English. The two quickly hit it off, but Chantel lied to her family and told them Pedro was moving to the U.S. on a student visa, while leaving out the fact that she and Pedro had 90 days to tie the knot.

When Chantel’s family found out that the two were getting hitched, they were immediately suspicious of Pedro and his intentions for marrying their daughter. They were concerned that Pedro was using Chantel for his American visa, and that suspicion didn’t sit well with Pedro’s family, who didn’t like the way Chantel’s parents and siblings were treating their son.

Since Chantel’s family found out that she was marrying Pedro, they’ve questioned if Pedro’s mother Lidia encouraged him to seek out a U.S. bride “for the American dollar.” They claimed Lidia purposely “groomed” Pedro to marry an American so he could send funds back to the Dominican Republic.

During a previous episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Chantel’s mother Karen actually claimed to have uncovered a website that Lidia used to run, which reportedly “finds stupid Americans to match with a person on the island in order to harvest the American dollar.” Karen’s comment sparked interest with viewers, who decided to dig up the deleted website associated with Lidia. Starcasm did their own digging, and although the site was a legitimate business site several years ago, it looks like it was more of an online legal services business rather than a site to encourage Dominicans to seek out American brides to harvest money from.

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According to Chantel’s family, as reported by Monsters and Critics, Jimeno’s mother was an immigration attorney who helped people obtain visas in order to get permission to travel and move abroad. However, Starcasm reports that Lidia is actually a divorce attorney, who graduated with her law degree from Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago.

The website – – is currently defunct, according to Starcasm. However, the Internet Wayback Machine was able to provide some snapshots of the website prior to its demise, according to Starcasm. Here is a list of the services offered, which was preceded by the message: “If the service you are looking for is not listed, you can tell us what it is.”

Incorporation of Companies – To formalize your business in the Dominican Republic, we offer you the constitution of different companies governed by Law No. 479-08 on Commercial Companies.

Transformation / Adjustment of Companies – To transform or adapt your business to the new Law No. 479-08 on Commercial Companies you must choose according to your needs among the different companies that it offers.

Sales Contracts and Transfer of Real Estate – We offer our clients the necessary procedure and legal support for the acquisition or sale of real estate.

Sales Contracts and Transfer of Motor Vehicles – This service consists of carrying out the procedure to sell or acquire motor vehicles. We will take care of the preparation of the contract according to the conditions indicated by the client.

Cancellation of Conventional Mortgages – This service consists of the drafting of the “Cancellation Act of a Conventional Mortgage”, duly legalized by a Notary Public.

Trade Name Registration – Trade names are those that distinguish a company or establishment from the others. The first step constituting a company is the registration of its business name in ONAPI.

Divorce by Mutual Consent – It is a procedure by which the spouses voluntarily subscribe and by common agreement a Notarial Act of Stipulations and Conventions where they establish the conditions that will govern their divorce.

Trademark Registration – We help our clients when looking after the intellectual property of their company. We become the client’s representative when registering your brands, guaranteeing a fast service and from the comfort of your home.

Servicios Legales DRIntroducción sobre la empresa Servicios Legales DR2014-10-22T16:07:53.000Z

Starcasm reports that Lidia had also listed the website as her employer on Facebook with “project manager” as her job title. According to Starcasm, a Reddit user also uncovered a divorce announcement with Lidia  listed as an attorney for one of the parties, so it’s safe to say she has some experience with divorce court.

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