Is Reality Steve Still Wrong About Hannah B.’s Final Rose?

Hannah Brown

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Reality Steve’s initial Bachelorette spoilers were wrong and fans are wondering if it’s possible that his latest spoilers could also be wrong.

Steve is known to reveal the ending of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette long before the finale even airs. Over the years, he has prided himself on having reliable sources and he usually isn’t wrong about the shows’ outcomes — but he was this season, though he corrected himself fairly early on.

Reality Steve waited a bit longer than normal to release his episode-by-episode spoilers because he wasn’t 100 percent sure how the finale would play out. Once he received intel, however, he revealed that Hannah Brown got engaged to Tyler Cameron. He has since gone back on that claim and now reports that Hannah got engaged to Jed Wyatt.

Some fans have been reluctant to believe Steve and are wondering if he’s still wrong about who she ends up choosing in the end. He’s confident, however, and he’s not shy about it.

Warning: Serious Bachelorette finale spoilers lie ahead. If you do not wish to know about what happens on the finale, you should stop reading here.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reality Steve Has Received a lot of Messages About Hannah’s Season & He Knows There Are Fans Who Don’t Believe His Spoilers

Jed Wyatt Hannah Brown Together

ABC/John FleenorPictured: Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown

Steve admitted that his initial Bachelorette spoilers were incorrect, which is something that has happened in the past. He was quick to correct the misinformation, however, and is confident that Hannah picks Jed Wyatt in the end — not Tyler Cameron, which is what Steve initially reported.

“Basically every season I post the spoiler, at some point during the next few months someone will tell me the spoiler is wrong and they’re hearing different. Sometimes they’re right, sometimes my initial spoiler is right. This year has been no different. 3 weeks ago I started hearing that Hannah was with Jed and not Tyler,” Steve blogged. He said that he looked into the rumors and was able to confirm that Hannah did indeed choose Jed.

Most Bachelorette fans have fallen in love with Tyler C., so hearing that Hannah didn’t choose him has been tough. Their chemistry seems undeniable, however, and some are still hanging on to the possibility that Steve could be wrong… again. Some fans are really hoping that Hannah and Tyler are together (and, if they aren’t, they are hoping that Tyler is the next Bachelor).

In regard to Hannah having sex in a windmill, some people seemed to think that it happened in the Netherlands with Jed. However, other fans were quick to acknowledge that there are also windmills in Greece, hoping that the person that Hannah admitted to having sex with was Tyler.

“There are a lot of windmills in Amsterdam hope is not lost for Tyler C. ladies,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Greece has windmills y’all!  Please be Tyler,” tweeted another.

Of course, it’s more than possible that Hannah had sex with someone she didn’t choose in the end. And, if you ask Steve whether or not he could be wrong about the finale, he’ll tell you that he is 100 percent confident he’s not.

“Sorry the initial Tyler info was wrong. Just wasn’t as solid as I thought it was. But the info about Jed from 3 weeks ago is as solid as I can get and I just have to leave it at that. I’m well aware people will still hold out hope it’s Tyler and you have every right to. All I’m doing is telling you what I was told based on the people I’ve spoken with, the information I’ve seen, and frankly, one major piece of information that’s floating out there. I’m confident in this and I’ll leave it at that,” Steve said.

Reality Steve Has Been Completely Wrong in the Past — But it Doesn’t Happen Often

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Steve’s spoilers aren’t frequently wrong but there’s one season in particular that he got things completely incorrect and the show’s finale was a shocker because of it. The season of incorrect spoilers belonged to Desiree Hartsock. Steve reported that she chose Brooks at the end but after a dramatic few scenes, Des ended up choosing Chris Siegfried (the two are married and have two kids together).

Steve’s been wrong about the finale mid-season before as well, so this Hannah-Tyler-Jed thing isn’t too out-of-the-ordinary. He previously reported that both Ali Fedotowsky and Kaitlyn Bristowe chose no one, but got some better intel before their respective finales aired. Steve also said that Brad Womack chose Chantal on The Bachelor but later changed his spoiler to Brad getting engaged to Emily Maynard.

Interestingly, any time that Steve has changed his spoilers before the finale, he never been wrong.

“Every time I’ve had to change my spoiler in the past (Ali, Kaitlyn, Rachel) it’s ended up being right, so, take that for what it’s worth,” he said.

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