Is Reality Steve Wrong About Hannah & Tyler Now? Fans Hope so

The Bachelorette 2019 Final 4

ABC/Ed Herrera Pictured: Hannah Brown

Many Bachelorette fans are hoping that Reality Steve is wrong about his intel on Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron post-filming. Many have been wondering what Hannah B. is up to now that that show has wrapped. Did she get engaged? Is she still engaged? Is she even dating anyone? For fans who are anxious to find out the latest details surrounding Hannah B.’s personal life, Reality Steve has the goods.

Warning: Serious Bachelorette finale spoilers lie ahead. If you do not wish to know about what happens on the finale, you should stop reading here.

The Bachelor/ette blogger has received intel that has confirmed that Hannah and Tyler haven’t gotten together following her split from her season pick, Jed Wyatt. While Steve says that he’s been receiving numerous emails about Hannah and Tyler and many fans are wishing that the two reconnected after the show, Steve says that relationship is a no-go.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reality Steve  Was Originally Wrong When He Reported That Hannah Chose Tyler on the ‘Bachelorette’ Finale

ABC/Mark BourdillonTyler Cameron & Hannah Brown

In Steve’s first round of “official” spoilers (the ones he published after the season started airing), he claimed that Tyler C. was the last man standing and that Hannah accepted Tyler’s proposal. It only took a short amount of time, however, for Reality Steve to get some new information that checked out differently. Steve then changed his spoilers and reported that Hannah got engaged to Jed.

Since then, it has been reported that Hannah and Jed broke off their engagement and a couple of weeks later, outlets confirmed that the two had split. Now, Reality Steve says he keeps getting emails about Hannah and Tyler.

“I’m sorry to burst your bubble. It’s not happening. Again, just like the ‘Peter is windmill sex guy’ that I tweeted over the weekend which so many questioned, all I can tell you is what I know to be true. Regardless of whatever they’re doing online, I’m being told there is nothing going on between Hannah and Tyler, nor will there be come the live ATFR. They obviously had a strong connection during the show, he’s been very supportive of her on social media, but it doesn’t mean anything in terms of them getting back together. I guess there are those who will never give up hope because, well, I’ll never understand why, but I’m just telling you you might want to lower your expectations because I’m told it’s not in the cards,” Reality Steve wrote in his recent blog.

There Are Rumors That Tyler Cameron Is Going to Be the Next ‘Bachelor’

Perhaps one of the main reasons that Hannah and Tyler aren’t dating is because he’s being courted to be the next star of The Bachelor. The rumor mill got a major boost when Reality Steve wrote that he had heard that Tyler’s mom was telling people at a watch party that her son officially got the gig. Reality Steve hasn’t been able to confirm the rumors but he did say that multiple people told him about Tyler’s mom had spilled the beans

“At a watch party in Florida last night, I was TOLD that Tyler’s mom was telling everyone he’s gonna be the next ‘Bachelor.’ Now, I didn’t hear his mom say this. Nor do I even know if she actually did. I was just TOLD (ten different times from people) she was heard saying this. So take that for what it’s worth,” Steve wrote.

Most Bachelor/ette fans are A-okay with this potential news because Tyler was a favorite all season long.

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