Scott’s Cheating Allegations on Life After Lockup

Scott Davey, Love After Lockup

Instagram Scott Davey, star of WE tv's hit reality series "Love After Lockup," hasn't had much luck with dating since he and Lizzie Kommes broke up.

Scott Davey, star of the hit reality series Love After Lockup and the spinoff series Life After Lockup, is shown taking a hard slap to the face after ex-girlfriend Lizzie Kommes accuses him of cheating on her during the newest season of the show.

In the clip below, Lizzie visits Scott in California and says she “has a gift” for the reality star. She reaches into her purse and pretends to root around for the “gift,” before pulling her hand out and slapping him hard in the face.

Lizzie Brings a Gift🎁 for Scott All the Way to California | Life After LockupLizzie visits Scott in California and it does NOT go as planned. #LifeAfterLockup Subscribe to the #WEtv channel for more clips: Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: WE tv Instagram: Official Site: 5 couples from "Love After Lockup" face parole, restrictions and temptations in "Life After Lockup" will they break…2019-07-05T22:00:47Z

After she slaps him, she shouts “that is for cheating on me, you cheated on me,” while he protests and claims that he was never unfaithful.

“When Scott and I broke up and he went back to California I literally was so prepared to get back together with this man,” she tells the cameras. “But then he got another woman named Jasmine.” Scott can be heard saying that Jasmine was a “truly good woman” and that the two knew each other for two months, but he doesn’t claim she is his girlfriend.

Scott and Lizzie’s relationship has been tumultuous from the very beginning, which has been documented on Love After Lockup since the start of season 2. Fans often suggested Lizzie was using Scott for his money and accused her of maxing out his credit cards before dumping him and leaving. However, Scott had been at the center of several cheating scandals throughout their relationship, so it’s likely the reality star left Scott over the various women he was allegedly seeing rather than his lack of money (although, she definitely did love shopping).

Love After Lockup

InstagramAre Lizzie and Scott from Love After Lockup still together amid rumors that Scott was cheating on Lizzie? Read on for more information about the rumored affair.

When Scott and Lizzie split up, Lizzie revealed that Scott was actually dating a woman in California while he was still dating Lizzie, who she later claimed was Jasmine. The entire situation blew up on social media, with Lizzie claiming Scott never told her about Jasmine, and Scott claiming he wasn’t dating Jasmine while he was still with Lizzie.

However, Lizzie had told fans that the mystery woman she had seen on Scott’s Instagram stories earlier this year (which caused some serious issues between the two) turned out to be Jasmine. You can read screenshots of her Instagram posts here.

Scott denied the accusations vehemently, and claimed the mystery woman was actually stalking him and trying to extort money, and that she wasn’t Jasmine. Although it appeared at the time that Lizzie and Scott had worked their issues out, they broke up shortly after the incident and were not technically together when Life After Lockup began filming. It’s unclear at this time if the two are back together, but Lizzie does admit in the promo below that she still has feelings for him, so it’s possible.

Your Favorite Couples Return | Life After Lockup! 🚨❤️5 Love After Lockup couples face parole, restrictions & temptations in Life After Lockup—will they break the rules or break old habits? From new jobs, new children & family drama, the stakes have never been higher in the fight to stay free! Life After Lockup premieres June 14 at 9/8c! #LifeAfterLockup Subscribe to the #WEtv…2019-05-17T20:53:17Z

Scott was involved in a few scandals over the last few months as well, besides allegedly cheating on Lizzie. Another mystery woman popped up on his Instagram account back in May, although it doesn’t look like he and Lizzie were together at the time, so it was as big of an issue. However, a few days later, Scott came under fire for allegedly showing a woman his penis online.

Scott and Lizzie will likely delve deeper into the incident surrounding their breakup and who Jasmine actually is to Scott over the next few episodes. Tune in tonight at 9/8c on WE tv to catch the newest episode of Life After Lockup.

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