Are Sumit & Jenny Still Together? 7/29/2019 Update

Jenny and Sumit, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Jenny and Sumit, stars of the hit reality series "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way," are facing some serious issues on the show right now. Here's what we know about their relationship.

Sumit and Jenny, stars of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Wayare still together today and appear to be stronger than ever, based on Jenny’s social media pages. Jenny often posts pictures of the two of them together out on the town, celebrating Indian culture, and just enjoying their time together.

“I love this man so much. Don’t care what anyone thinks. He’s best for me,” Jenny captioned a photo of herself and Sumit in mid-July. Many of the photos on her Instagram page are accompanied with sweet, gushy captions like “our love is real,” and “we love us.”

Jenny and Sumit may appear to be happy and smitten right now, but their relationship initially started off with some deception. Sumit actually catfished Jenny and pretended to be a male model named Michael Jones when the two first met and connected over Facebook. Sumit did not reveal his true identity until several years into their relationship, but he came clean once he started developing feelings for the California-based grandmother.

Despite the fact that Sumit lied about his identity, Jenny still loved the man she had been chatting with for the last few years, forgave him and decided to uproot her life in California to move to India and be with him.

“You know, what you do for love, sometimes, is unbelievable,” she told the cameras. “I think that everyone is entitled to happiness … I didn’t really think I would find love again, to tell you the truth… I was married for 15 years, everything was fine as far as I knew, so when I found out he was leaving me for somebody else, that was a huge blow to my self-esteem. And after my divorce, life was scary.”

Unfortunately, the couple ran into some issues along the way. Sumit’s family didn’t approve of Jenny being 30 years older than Sumit, and the fact that she was older than Sumit’s mother didn’t sit well with his parents, who gave him an ultimatum and told him he had to choose between Jenny or his mother living in the house. He eventually rented an apartment for him and Jenny to live in, without his parents knowing, and has was working on a way to marry Jenny without his large, traditional Hindu family finding out while the show was still filming.

Sumit wasn’t the only one keeping his relationship a secret however. Jenny also chose not to tell her children about Sumit until shortly before her flight to India. “I never told you guys this ’cause I didn’t really want to talk about it,” she explained at the time. “But early on he actually didn’t tell me who he really was exactly.”

Although they had a rocky road to happiness, the couple is still together and stronger than ever today. Tune in tonight at 9/8c to catch the newest episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way on TLC.

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