What Happened on The Bachelorette Episode 10? – 7/15/2019 Live Recap

The Bachelorette Episode 10 recap


The episode fans of The Bachelorette have been waiting for all season is finally here, and Hannah will be taking her final four on their one-on-one, overnight dates tonight.

The official description for tonight’s episode reads “Hannah and Peter enjoy time aboard a luxury yacht; after a day at the spa with Tyler, Hannah hopes to build her emotional relationship with him; Hanna discusses her other relationships with Jed; Luke shares his feelings on the fantasy suite.”

Here’s what happened when Hannah, Luke, Jed, Tyler, and Peter went to Crete, Greece for fantasy suite week:

Beware of major spoilers below and STOP READING NOW if you don’t want to know what happened on season 15 episode 10 of The Bachelorette. This post will be updated live as the episode airs.

Hannah and the men arrived in beautiful Crete, Greece for their dates, as Hannah expressed optimism about moving her relationships forward with the men in order to make a decision about who to keep in the competition.

First up for his one-on-one date was Peter. They two toured Greece and got cozy on a yacht, and as the date moved into the nighttime, fans around the world went nuts as the two headed toward a windmill (if you don’t know, Hannah said in a preview earlier in the season that she had sex in a windmill). Hannah was all smiles during her on-camera interview the next morning.

Her next one-on-one was with Tyler. Their chemistry has been apparent all season, and things continued to heat up as they enjoyed an intimate spa day together. At dinner that night, she expressed her concerns about their physical relationship possibly eclipsing other aspects of their relationship, and said she didn’t want to go into the Fantasy Suite and have sex. He was totally fine with just working on the emotional part of their relationship and getting to know each other, without the pressure of intimacy. He told her he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and they had their overnight date on a boat over champagne.

From the start, it was clear that Hannah’s date with Jed wasn’t going to go as smoothly as her overnights with Peter and Tyler. He told the camera that he was upset with her last time he saw her because she had chosen to keep Luke in addition to him. On their date, Hannah chatted with a woman seated near them at lunch about how she was using this week to better know her relationships with all four men she’s seeing, and Jed was clearly frustrated to hear her talking about the other men. He pulled her aside and asked her for clarity about why she’s kept Luke Parker around for so long.

Later during dinner, he told her that her feelings for Luke in spite of him being bad for her make him concerned about their relationship because of the quality it suggests in her as a partner. Hannah was clearly insulted and upset, but Jed tried to reassure her that he is sure of her and just doesn’t want reasons to be unsure.

They ultimately turned their night around, and she invited him to spend the night in their fantasy suite. The next morning, the two were in bed kissing and smiling in various stages of undress, and Hannah told him she felt more sure about him than ever.

The last date of the episode was for Luke, and fans had been anticipating this date ever since the promo footage first teased his and Hannah’s blow-up fight. The date started off strong, with the two traveling to Santorini by helicopter.

After Hannah proposed a toast during dinner to where their relationship has come and “where they are now,” it all went downhill. Luke expressed what he wants from his future wife and asked to talk about sex, which he said is a beautiful thing only within a marriage. He told her he wanted to “make sure” she wasn’t going to be sexually intimate with any of her other relationships during the fantasy suites, and that he would want to go home if she had sex with any of the other guys.

Hannah told him off for judging her when he has no right to and pointed out that pride is also a sin. He backpedaled, saying he loves her and that if it were them in the end and she had sex with the other three men, he would be “willing” to work through anything. She continued to defend herself and told him he was not who she wanted her husband to be and told him to leave. When he refused to get in the limo and go, viewers finally saw the infamous promo scene play out in full: she told him she had had sex with at least one of the other men and told the camera that she had sex in a windmill twice.

As he drove off, Hannah expressed relief that she is finally rid of him; however, promo for next week’s episode shows that she’s going to have to deal with Luke at least once more, when he shows up during the rose ceremony in spite of having been eliminated.

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