What Happened on The Bachelorette Tonight: Live Recap 7/1/2019

The Bachelorette Episode 10 recap


Season 15 of The Bachelorette continued tonight with episode 8, which took Hannah Brown and her remaining 7 men to the Netherlands for another week of dates and developing relationships.

The official description for tonight’s episode read “Hannah and a date take a romantic boat trip along Amsterdam’s canals; a bachelor puts his heart on the line, prompting Hannah to make an unexpected decision; the three-on-one date becomes explosive.” The episode included three one-on-one dates and one “group” three-on-one.

Beware of spoilers beyond this point and STOP READING if you have not watched episode 8 of The Bachelorette season 15 and do not want to know what happened.

Tonight’s episode is the week before Hometown dates, which means Hannah’s relationship and connection which each man is especially important. She went into the week in the Netherlands understanding that the four men she chooses to continue her journey with will be introducing her to their families and welcoming her into their lives.

The episode began with Hannah walking through a field of tulips and reflecting on her feelings for the men in preparation for hometown dates. In Amsterdam, the 7 remaining men sat down outdoors for a beer and were joined by Hannah at their table.

Hannah’s Relationships With Jed and Tyler Moved Forward & Both Men Admitted They Are ‘Falling in Love’ With Her

Hannah’s first date of the week was a one-on-one with Jed. Jed and Hannah explored Amsterdam together, purchasing chocolates and playing in a toy store before getting on board a boat to tour the city by water. Hannah expressed to the camera in an interview that she’s having trouble expressing her feelings to the men, but that she wants to try to for Jed because she believes he is worth it. Over dinner, Hannah told Jed that she’s falling in love with him and he said that he’s falling in love with her too. She gave him the date rose, and he accepted.

Tyler was Hannah’s second one-on-one date of the week. They went horseback riding and talked on a bench by the water. Their date hit a snag when Hannah started asking Tyler questions about his struggles in the house and with the Bachelorette experience and he had a hard time answering in a way that allowed him to open up to her. During dinner, Tyler opened up about his parents’ divorce and what he is afraid of and looking for in a relationship, which helped them take a step forward as a couple. Hannah gave him a date rose, which means she will meet his family next week during hometowns.

Hannah Sent Connor Home Without a Date, & Eliminated Mike After Their One-on-One

Mike received the third one-on-one date card of the week, which upset Connor Saeli, who was hoping for one-on-one time with Hannah. Connor expressed to Peter that he didn’t know if he felt comfortable bringing someone home to meet his family after yet another group date. After Tyler returned to the house with a rose, Connor went to Hannah’s hotel to talk to her one-on-one and gain some clarity. After he told Hannah he felt like he was falling in love with her during their one-on-one date weeks ago, Hannah decided she was not as far along in their relationship and sent him home.

Hannah and Mike started their date with a bike ride, before arriving at an art studio to draw and paint portraits of one another. Although Mike seemed certain of his feelings for Hannah, referring to her as his future wife and mother of his children, Hannah’s was not so sure about their relationship and began to doubt if she’d be ready to meet his family next week. During the dinner portion of their date, Hannah caught Mike completely off-guard as she tearfully told him she knew that she wasn’t going to be the fourth lady in his life and sent him home.

The Luke P. Drama Continued on This Week’s Group Date

With Connor eliminated, the group date was a three-on-one with Luke P., Garrett, and Peter, with two hometown date roses up for grabs.

Viewers finally got to see the drama of Luke yelling in Garrett’s face unfold in-full. The confrontation between Luke P. and Garrett has been teased for weeks as a breaking point between the two contestants who have been in greatest conflict all season.

Peter stayed out of the drama and focused on his relationship with Hannah, and he quickly got a date rose from her, which left Garrett and Luke competing for the final rose of the week. The men were excited to see him when he returned to the house, and Peter shared that Luke was “imploding” and that he was confident that Garrett would be returning with the fourth rose.

In spite of Garrett’s confession to Hannah that he loves her (he was the first to tell her those words, Hannah acknowledged), Hannah chose to give her fourth rose to Luke Parker.

Next week, Peter, Tyler, Luke P., and Jed will take Hannah to their hometowns to meet their families and get to know where they’re from.