‘The Boys’ on Amazon: What’s the Deal with the Buzzing Fly?


If you were watching Season 1 of The Boys on Amazon Prime closely, then you noticed there were a couple scenes where flies almost seemed to be purposefully added, buzzing and all. Now fans can’t stop “buzzing” about the buzzing flies. Here are the top theories on what that means and a look back at those scenes. This post has minor spoilers for Season 1 and then a MAJOR spoiler for what might happen in Season 2 based on the comics. We’ll warn you before we get to that part of the story, in case you don’t want to know.

The first time the infamous fly appeared was in Episode 4 at around 46:29. On Reddit, fans shared a clip of the fly’s moment. It really seems like they purposefully added buzzing to the sound, as if there’s a reason the fly shows up in a few scenes. The only problem is, that reason was never revealed in Season 1.

The fly makes another appearance at the Christian expo that Starlight attended in the next episode too. It’s buzzing around her head when she’s talking to the teens and lies about being a virgin. The fly is seen again later buzzing around Hughie’s head when he’s walking outside at the same expo.

Fans thought this was a setup to a Supe spying on people with the help of a fly. Maybe a Supe that can turn into a fly or the government spying with the help of a mechanical fly. But nothing was ever revealed about it.

Some fans think it just indicates when characters were BS’ing or is just an in-universe joke since it was never explained. Likely it will come into play next season and possibly be an Ant-Man-equivalent character of some sort.

The Comics Might Reveal the Truth Behind the Fly

Major comic spoilers below. 

The comics might reveal the truth behind the fly, or at least what might happen in a future season. According to ComicVine, there’s a character in The Boys comics called Swatto who appears in seven issues. Swatto was a member of a group called Payback that attacked The Boys, and in the comics he was ultimately killed.

In the comics, Swatto could only speak in buzzing noises. However, in the comics Swatto was a full-sized human and not a small fly. Since the show has diverged from the comics quite a bit, it’s certainly possible that the show will have a different version of Swatto who can transform into the size of a very small fly.

As of the time of publication, the producers haven’t confirmed anything about the fly or its meaning, so everything you read right now is conjecture. There’s still a chance it could just be an accident. But the way the fly’s buzzing is so distinct during its appearances, it’s unlikely that this is an accidental inclusion in the show.

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