‘The Boys’ Season 2 on Amazon: Cast, Renewal & Filming Details


If you’re binge-watching The Boys on Amazon, then you might be making your way quickly through those first eight episodes in Season 1. Is Season 2 going to happen? This post has minor spoilers for Season 2 based on a few scenes from filming. 

The Show Was Renewed Before It Even Premiered

First, we have great news. The Boys has already been renewed for Season 2. Executive Producer Seth Rogen confirmed the renewal at San Diego Comic-Con, a week before the series even premiered on Amazon, Inverse reported.

A Return Date Isn’t Yet Known But Filming for Season 2 Is Expected To Be Finished By November 1

So far, a return date for the show hasn’t been announced. But it won’t be as long as you might fear because production has already started. In fact, u/SuperSparkles on Reddit noted that they are filming up the street from where they work in Toronto as of July 29, 2019. They also shared the following video of the crew rehearsing a stunt:

The series is based on the comic by Garth Ennis, who also brought us the very popular comic Preacher. In this series, superheroes are popular celebrities viewed almost like gods, but who are also beholden to companies like politicians are. It’s twisted and many of the superheroes have a lot of issues with ethics and morality. The cinematography for the show is top-notch and the plot is intriguing. It’s going to be great to see a second season.

A VFX Supervisor for the show comments on Reddit (u/stephanfleet.) From some comments on Reddit, it looks like they’re really far along with Season 2. In fact, it started filming in Toronto in June. Yes, Season 2 started filming before Season 1 was released.

Filming on Season 2 is expected to wrap by November 1, 2019, according to filming notification posts.

A New Cast Member Has Already Been Announced

We do know one thing about Season 2: Aya Cash will join the cast as the character Stormfront, Deadline reported.

Aya Cash’s other credits include Fosse/Verdon, Easy, You’re the Worst, Will & Grace, The Walker, Traffic Life, We Are Men, and more. There has been no word shared yet on what her story might be. In the comics the character is a male who has lightning-bolt like powers, Deadline reports.

Fans Are Ready for Season 2

Some fans binged through the show and are already ready for Season 2.

The Boys has high ratings on IMDb for Season 1. It has 9.1 out of 10 for 6,713 reviews. One reviewer wrote: ‘Excellent dystopian reimagining for Superhero nerds. Surprising, violent, always twisting. Binge-watched in 2 days! So glad for a second season, though will be so impatient! Thumbs up.”

Another wrote: “Forget the ethics, the quest for justice, the hearts of gold filled with good intentions: The superheroes of The Boys went far from what the public got used to seeing in the Marvel and DC movies. May the second season come.”

Another reviewer wrote: “First it’s just a very interesting take on the whole superhero genre. But there’s also a lot more. Great actors, great storyline and very nice picture. I guess for me it’s the best superhero series yet, followed by Titans and Umbrella Academy.”

This is a great series that really turns the superhero trope upside down. It brings a lot of unexpected moments and plot twists that you won’t be expecting.

Since the show has already been renewed and they’ve already started working on Season 2, here’s hoping we’ll see the new season on Amazon around this time next year.

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