‘The Boys’ vs ‘The Umbrella Academy’: Which Is Better? [POLL]


The latest superhero series to hit streaming is The Boys on Amazon. It comes not too long after The Umbrella Academy premiered on Netflix. Both are highly acclaimed superhero series, but very different. Here’s how they compare. At the end of this story, take our poll and let us know which one you thought was better. 

The Umbrella Academy and The Boys are both based on superhero comics with very different premises.

The Umbrella Academy has a plot that’s more what you would expect to see from a superhero tale, but it’s very well done with a masterful soundtrack, acting, and cinematography. A group of superheroes who were all born on the same day for a mysterious reason were raised by a dysfunctional and mysterious father. They all went their separate ways as adults but are brought back together when their dad dies. It turns out that they have to save the world.

The show deals with each character’s personal struggles and their dysfunctional family dynamic. It’s very well done, although there are some “plothole” moments when we think the characters should use their powers but don’t. Overall, the show is very well done.

The Boys is equally well done but it’s a very different tale. It’s about an Earth where hundreds of superheroes of varying powers exist, and most of them are represented by Vought Corporation. Vought also has their seven “main” superheroes that they represent closely, monitoring what crimes they solve, what they do, their public appearances, and even their hashtags. Meanwhile, a group of non-powered people called The Boys have issues with these superheroes and the two groups clash in a big way.

As for which show is better, it’s a tough call. IMDb has strong ratings for both.

On IMDb, The Umbrella Academy is rated 8.1 out of 10 with 76,198 reviews. The show rates 8.7 for ages under 18, 8.1 for 18-29, 8.0 for 30-44, and 8.1 for 45+. It has similar ratings for males and females (8.0 for males versus 8.3 for females.)

One reviewer said that Umbrella was a “masterclass on how to use music in movies,” and that’s absolutely true. The soundtrack’s use in the series was unparalleled on Netflix. One person said the series was “everything Fox missed with X-men.”

On IMDb, The Boys is rated 9.1 out of 10 with 12,745 ratings. It has a long way to go before it has the same number of reviews as Umbrella, so it will be interesting to see if the show can keep the same high rate with 60,000 more reviews.

The Boys has an 8.8 rating for ages under 18, 9.1 for 18-29, 9.0 for 30-44, and 8.9 for 45+. It has similar ratings for males versus females, with males rating it 9.0 and females rating it 9.1 so far.

One person described The Boys as their antidote to Marvel. Another called it one of the best series of the year “followed by Titans and Umbrella Academy.” And another wrote: “Amazon pulled off a Netflix spectacularly!”

Although the two shows are similar in many ways, one thing truly sets them apart: age rating. Umbrella has an age rating of TV-14, while The Boys has an age rating of TV-MA. And The Boys isn’t joking with that rating. There are some pretty intense sex scenes, nudity, and violence in the series that aren’t present in Umbrella. 

Now let us know what you think. Take the poll below and let us know which series you think is better.

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