Did Tinsley Mortimer & Ex-Boyfriend Scott Kluth Get Back Together?

Tinsley Mortimer Scott Kluth Breakup

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A couple of years ago, on season 9 of Real Housewives of New York, Tinsley Mortimer was set up on a date with a man named Scott Kluth. The two began dating and Mortimer carried on a long-distance relationship with Kluth. Fortunately for Mortimer, Kluth was financially successful and showered her with expensive gifts. But, Mortimer admitted on the show that he had controlling ways about him. She revealed that he didn’t want to be featured on RHONY and that she wanted more from the relationship. Mortimer explained to People, “My life is my life. The show is an important part of my life. I understand that there are people that don’t always want to be exposed to that and I can’t assume that they would. It’s a give and a take … He tried. It was just too much for him.”

Distance also played a part in the couple’s demise, as an insider told Us Weekly, “She’s so busy in NYC and he’s so busy in Chicago that they are not exclusive right now because it’s long-distance. They’ve done this before, these little breaks.” When the couple was on a break during their rocky relationship, Mortimer confirmed to Andy Cohen that they were “on a break” because, “It’s so hard to be in a relationship, particularly when we don’t live in the same town.”

Tinsley Mortimer’s Cast-Mates Thought She and Kluth Were Back Together

Halfway through season 11 of RHONY, Mortimer told her cast-mates that she and Kluth had broken up for good. But, the two still kept in communication and Kluth even bought her gifts when her dog passed away. This led her cast-mates to think that the breakup was only temporary and that they were still together. Some of her castmates also believed that Kluth was still paying for Mortimer’s lifestyle. Mortimer maintained that the two were no longer dating and her mother, Dale, backed her up on an episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Mortimer shared, “My breakup with Scott, I was very open and honest about that, and I was honest about that. I shared my grief and my emotion about that, which is such bulls–t for anyone to say it wasn’t, that we weren’t broken up.”

Billy Bush Was Rumored to Be Dating Mortimer

According to People, Mortimer has moved on from her relationship with Kluth and is dating again. Recently, there were even rumors that she was dating Billy Bush, but she said they are “just friends”. Mortimer told People that, “I am fully dating again. I’m dating a lot of different people. I’m having fun doing it. I feel free and like myself again.” And, when it comes to the Billy Bush rumors, she said, “Billy and I have been friends for a long time. He’s a good friend and is super fun. We all did go bowling together, it was a fun night.”

After Mortimer and Kluth broke up for the final time this past winter, a source told Us Weekly, “The breakup with Scott was heartbreaking for her. All of Tinsley’s friends are trying to set her up with guys, but no one serious yet.”

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