Tyler Cameron to Hannah Brown on Instagram: ‘Looking Forward to That Drink’

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown

ABC/John Fleenor Pictured: Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown

Tyler Cameron, Hannah Brown’s runner-up on season 15 of The Bachelorette, continued to show class and respect with a sweet Instagram message to Hannah on Wednesday, following Tuesday night’s Bachelorette finale and “After the Final Rose” live special.

Throughout the season, Tyler Cameron was a front-runner for Hannah Brown’s final rose. As the season neared its conclusion, he continued to stand out as a gentleman who seemed to be truly in love with her. Her parents were not shy about telling Hannah they preferred him to Jed after their first introductions and were especially impressed that Tyler and Hannah used the fantasy suite to get to know each other better emotionally rather than physically.

Hannah’s Break-Up With Jed Gave Tyler & Hannah Fans Renewed Hope for Their Relationship

Tyler was Bachelor Nation’s pick for Hannah’s final rose as part 2 of the season finale aired Tuesday night, especially after news spread that Jed Wyatt had a girlfriend up until filming began (whom he told he was only going on the show to advance his career). When Tyler stepped out of the limo first, indicating that Hannah had chosen Jed, Tyler and Hannah “shippers” were temporarily devastated as she stopped him midway through his heartfelt proposal.

Then, pre-recorded footage aired of Hannah and Jed’s break-up, which Hannah then confirmed was final in front of Jed on live television, and fans began to wonder if Hannah and Tyler might get back together.

At the end of the two-hour episode, Hannah and Tyler finally had their “After the Final Rose” opportunity to talk and she admitted to host Chris Harrison that her feelings for Tyler didn’t just go away. Then, she turned to Tyler and said that he’s a great guy and she’s a single girl and asked him if he’d want to go out and get a drink sometime as “normal people.” He accepted her date invitation, telling her to let him know when and where and he’d be there for that date (date card from Chris Harrison not included).

Tyler Praised Hannah for Her Time as ‘The Bachelorette’ & Reiterated That He’s Down Go on a Date With Her

As rumors continued to swirl about the future of their relationship and the potential for the two to get back together, Tyler took to Instagram (and his newly-acquired 1.5 million followers) to share a sweet note addressed directly to Hannah. In the post’s caption, he wrote:

“Dear HB,

What a ride… I’ll make this short and sweet. This journey with you is something that I will always cherish. I am so grateful for all the experiences that we shared together. You taught me so much about myself and pushed me to be a better man. I learned so much from you and so did the rest of Bachelor Nation. You were what we all needed as a lead. You showed strength and grace in the most beautiful way. You kept it real and gave us all of you. As one chapter closes, another one begins. The world is yours girl! Excited to see what you do with it. Looking forward to that drink.

Forever your biggest fan,

Unsurprisingly, fans of Tyler and Hannah were quick to comment on the post. One person wrote “we are ALL looking forward to that drink.” Another said “In conclusion we stan harder than ever before.”

Tyler was not the only finalist to thank Hannah for his Bachelorette experience. Tuesday morning, after second runner-up Peter Weber’s elimination aired on ABC, Weber posted on Instagram thanking everyone involved in his journey on the show. To Hannah, he said “Thank you Hannah for the opportunity to pursue your heart. You will always have a little bit of mine after the time we were able to spend together.”