Where Is ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 5 Filmed? [PHOTOS]

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Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead is filmed in Texas, including areas in Austin, much like Season 4. In addition, a big part of Season 5 was filmed in New Braunfuls, which is just about 30 minutes south of Austin. Read on to learn more about locations and see photos. This post might have minor spoilers for some location photos from future episodes. 

Andrew Chambliss, executive producer, told San Antonio Express-News that they like filming in the Austin region because each location has its own identity. “When we realized we were filming in Texas, we saw this season aesthetically as a Western and wanted to use the landscape of Texas to reflect that emotional journey,” he said.

Chambliss told The NB Journal about New Braunfels: “This location provides our characters with a place to launch a hopeful mission in an environment that reflects beauty can still be found in the apocalypse.” That’s high praise for a location choice.

Jenna Elfman, who plays June, shared a beautiful video from filming in Austin when filming wrapped. SHe wrote: “We wrapped filming this season of #feartwd today. These are the special moments off-screen, at these beautiful filming locations around Austin, TX that round out the whole (already awesome) experience for me of working on @feartwd.”

Colman Domingo talked about directing Episode 3 in Season 5. He wrote: “Today we wrap principal photography on Season 5 of @feartwd. Shout out to @goldbergian And @andrewchambliss for an epic season of planes, millions of walkers, westerns and more. Thank you to our incredible crew and cast. There are some special champions of the season, especially my sisters in the hair and makeup trailer such as @cassiecolemakeup @mandydbenton who work so hard and keep so much joy in their hearts. PA’s such as Molly Divine who keep us motivated and laughing. @neemers for always making sure I am together on set and off. An AD team who tries to move mountains to make sure that the day goes well. That’s just a few heroes. Led by @michaelsatrazemis our Producing Director who I am proud to call a pal and mentor. Working with me and fine tuning episode 503 and having my back. Austin, Texas is a town that I am still trying to figure out. But when it comes to towns, it’s alright! Has some bomb ass ribs for sure. Until we do it again. Happy Trails!” [sic]

Here’s another photo he shared.

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Let’s wrap this joint up! @alyciajasmin #feartwd

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Mo Collins shared this:

And she loved the vibe in Austin:

She said her favorite mode of transportation was scooters:

Fear the Spoiling Dead is a great Facebook group for behind-the-scenes pictures and filming location details. They noted that a Wimberly location at Route 32 and Route 12 was another prominent filming spot in the season, with a six month lease secured.

One Wimberley location, they noted, was a truck stop at Route 12 east of Brewster’s Pizza. Another was a farm in the area.

Fear also filmed in Bastrop, Texas for Season 5. Fear the Spoiling Dead wrote in January: “FTWD episode 505 filming started today out in Bastrop, TX. It looks like their base camp is next to the Walgreen’s on Industry Dr., but their actual filming location might be the Red Bluffs off of Riverside Dr. If you plan to go visit the filming location please share any pics and most importantly please respect the authorities and follow any instructions they give you.”

Here are some photos from Bastrop, where they were still filming in April:

In April (so closer to the end of the season for viewers) they filmed at Lakeline Mall in Cedar Park, possibly at the old Sears location and at the mall itself, Fear the Spoiling Dead wrote on April 8.

Check out these photos from a barber shop at the mall:

In May, they filmed in Georgetown, including at a quarry on Ronald Reagan Boulevard, Fear the Spoiling Dead shared.

And in June, they posted these photos from filming in Bastrop near New Republic Studios. This might be from Episode 15.

In June they also filmed in Lockhart.

And in June they also filmed in the Gonzalez area at the Edward Community Center, Fear the Spoiling Dead wrote.

For the finale, they filmed in Manor at Ghost Town Austin, Fear the Spoiling Dead shared. Their base camp was Eternal Faith Baptist Church.

Here’s a photo from the Ghost Town filming.

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