Which of Hannah Brown’s Contestants Will Be On BIP 2019?


Hannah Brown’s contestants are returning to Bachelor In Paradise in 2019. Some of the picks were fan favorites, and some were more controversial.

The trailer has dropped, and you’ll recognize quite a few faces on the show August 5.

Here are Hannah Brown’s contestants returning to the Bachelor in Paradise 2019:

1. Cam Ayala

Cameron Ayala Illness


Cam Ayala was the contestant who only earned Hannah’s pity rose.

Cameron has an illness called Lymphedema, and he told Hannah on the show. The contestants were rubbed the wrong way, saying Cam only told her for pity. Either way, it worked, at least for one rose ceremony.

It appeared Cam was telling the truth about his illness. He wrote an Instagram post about Lymphedema in 2018.

But Hannah and Cam just weren’t a match. Maybe he’ll earn more than a pity rose on Bachelor in Paradise.

2. John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones via InstagramJohn Paul Jones

John Paul Jones was a fan favorite, and some want him to return as The Bachelor.

His surfer hair and laid-back attitude wasn’t a perfect match for Hannah, but he drew plenty of fans despite his deep love for chicken nuggets.

John Paul Jones didn’t have much time on the screen in Season 15, but his catchy three-name moniker still left an imprint on fans who want to see more of him, or maybe just his tousled hair.

3. Kevin Fortenberry

Kevin Fortenberry via InstagramKevin Fortenberry

Kevin F. will be bringing his ripped body and piercing blue eyes back for the viewers on the Bachelor In Paradise. He was a true bad boy of Season 15, who was still on probation during his season after pleading guilty in court to DUI, according to police records.

Kevin Fortenberry went home after he was injured in a fight with Luke P. There is still some debate over whether Luke Parker was to blame or not, but most take the side of Kevin.