’13 Reasons Why’ Season 3: Viewers Share Their Disappointed Reactions

Netflix 13 Reasons Why

Some fans are very unhappy about Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. The new season has a different feel from previous seasons, as it focuses on a murder mystery and has a new narrator that some viewers are having trouble adjusting to. Here are some of the disappointed reactions to the new season on Netflix. This article will have minor spoilers for Season 3, but not major spoilers about how the series ended. 

IMDb Ratings Are Pretty Low & Fans Are Unsure About the New Genre

The ratings on IMDb for Season 3 are a good way to reflect viewers’ disappointment in the new season. The premiere has a rating of 7.1. Then the second episode is rated 6.9. Episode 3 is 7.0 and then Episode 4 is back down to 6.9. Episode 5 is 6.5, along with Episode 6. Then Episode 7 drops to 6.0. Episode 8 goes back up to 6.6, then Episode 9 is 6.0, Episode 10 is 6.1, Episode 11 is 6.3, Episode 12 is 6.1, and the finale episode is 5.8 (as of the time of publication.) These ratings aren’t great considering that other Netflix shows are rated between 8-9. The overall rating for the series is still 7.9 out of 10 though. But the newer ratings aren’t happy ones and they’re driving the overall score down.

One thing fans don’t like is the genre switch. It’s a teen detective series kind of like Riverdale now.

One person on IMDb wrote: “I’m only on the third episode, but it appears they’ve switched to a new genre; teenage detectives. New girl narrator is a no from me. This show continuing is a no from me.”

Another person wrote: “Disappointed is all I’ll say. People may disagree but this is honestly how I feel about the show. Season 1 was 9/10 for me. Brilliant season. The shock factor made this show stand out. …  Season 2 is a drag. A very huge dip. It still ties to the main story but draws a lot of different branches, each of which explore the main plot from Season 1. Still watchable. …  Season 3 is a disaster in my honest opinion and hence you see the earlier 9/10 become a 3/10. I don’t want to spoil anything exactly, hence I can’t give away precise details. The third season doesn’t even feel like 13 Reasons Why. It is so overly obsessed with ‘who does what’… There’s a new randomly introduced character and that character is supposedly someone the viewer should care for, for some odd reason. They tried character development to impact the viewer’s perspective, but I feel like the execution was poor.”

Viewers Don’t Love the New Narrator

A lot of people are unhappy with the new narrator. They miss Hannah and they don’t like the show being narrated by someone who just came out of nowhere and is suddenly close to all the main characters. Considering the secrets these characters are hiding, some viewers find it unrealistic that the new girl would get so close to everyone like she did.

The Timeline Is Confusing

On IMDb, some reviewers also noted that the timeline was confusing. This time around it jumped back and forth between three different timelines (or more). One reviewer wrote: “I have always loved this show and so far I have seen 2 episodes of season 3. But I would prefer a more clear and straightforward timeline to tell the story, even though most of the time I can tell when is the past and when is the present based on the conversation and scares no their face apparently lol, but I think they can do it better and make a more smoothly transfer or give more hints between the past and present. I’ll keep watching the show and hope it doesn’t fail me!” [sic]

Overall, a lot of fans are disappointed this time around.

The show has already been renewed for Season 4 and is already filming, so it’s unclear if any reactions to Season 3 will make a difference for Season 4.

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