’13 Reasons Why’ Season 3: Viewers Aren’t Loving the New Narrator Ani


Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix was pretty daring. They changed the series into a detective genre, upending what viewers were expecting to happen this time around. They also replaced the traditional narrator with a new girl named Ani. Not all viewers are happy about the change, and they’ve got some things to say.

Ani’s not a bad character and the actress who plays her, Grace Saif, is quite talented. But some viewers just aren’t sure how they feel about such a big change with the addition of Amorowat Anysia “Ani” Achola. One problem is that viewers just really miss Hannah, even if her inclusion wouldn’t have made a lot of sense this season. Others simply think that Hannah made sense as a narrator while Ani didn’t.

Others just feel like Ani’s inclusion is kind of awkward.

Viewers Don’t Understand Why Everyone Trusts Ani or Why She’s in Every Scene

Some viewers just don’t understand why Ani is in every scene. A Reddi thread was started on the topic that reads: “Why is Ani such a focus of season 3? It’s really annoying and so far has been making the season less enjoyable for me. I just want the people I’m used to. She’s in every freakin scene.”

Another problem is that the characters’ trust of Ani doesn’t make a lot of sense. These characters have been through hell and back. They have major secrets and don’t even fully trust each other. Yet everyone has quickly invited Ani into their inner circle and they’re telling her secrets and confessions.

NeptuneCalifornia wrote in the Reddit thread above: “She’s in every scene and doesn’t leave Clay’s side. She’s suddenly best friends with every character. She’s not interesting and her being the narrator is useless time we could spend on other characters like Dempsey. Hell, I would even take Hannah being the narrator and not appearing over this random.”

An interesting part of Ani is how unreliable she can be as a narrator.

But Some Viewers Really Like Ani

Not everyone dislikes Ani. Some people have even started Reddit threads appreciating her.

Redditor Moiizer wrote: “I thought she was an interesting character who was the best choice to narrate considering her lack of involvement in the previous 2 seasons.”

Redditor afsr11 added: “I kind of like her, I agree she was over used, but still think she was a good addition. None of the already existing characters could play her part.”

Here’s another appreciation thread.

Overall, it seems like Ani is supposed to be playing the role of another unreliable narrator who is trying to explain the characters’ motivations and providing a more objective analysis. But she’s actually pretty emotionally involved, despite trying to not be. Her inclusion in the series was jarring to a lot of people who watched. It’s not Saif’s fault. She did a wonderful job with her character. It’s just a big change from the last two seasons, and not everyone thought the change was a good idea.

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