’13 Reasons Why’ Season 4: Return Photos, Cast, & Filming Spoilers

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Even though Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why is just now premiering on Netflix, we already know a lot about what to expect from Season 4, thanks to filming and cast spoilers. Here is everything we know about when the show is coming back, the cast, photos, and more. This post will have spoilers for Season 4 based on photos from filming, along with 

’13 Reasons Why’ Is Renewed for Season 4, Which Will Be Its Last Season

The good news is that 13 Reasons Why is renewed for another season. The bad news is that Season 4 will be its last season.

A spokesman for Netflix told Express that the show was ending at Season 4 because the characters were graduating, which gave the show a natural ending. “Series four will feature the core cast’s graduation from High School which will be a natural conclusion to the show,” they said.

As for the return date for Season 4, that’s up in the air. It won’t be released until 2020, but the best date for the release is sometime in the spring or summer of 2020. Season 1 premiered on March 31, 2017. Season 2 premiered on May 18, 2018. And Season 3 premiered on August 23, 2019. So there hasn’t been any set schedule for when each new season premieres.

Season 4 Is Already Filming

This photo, showing the cast of 13 Reasons Why together about a month ago, long after Season 3 wrapped, is giving fans some ideas about who might be in Season 4. Many fans think this photo was taken around the time Season 4 started filming again.

Season 4 started filming about a month before Season 3 was released. Production for Season 4 runs from July 23-December 12, according to casting calls and messages from producers looking for extras for filming.

A Big Season 4 Plot Twist Will Happen at a College Campus

Part of Season 4 will involve a big plot twist on a college campus. This video below shows filming at Sonoma State. It’s for Season 4, even though the headline says Season 3.

On July 23, the Press Democrat reported that 13 Reasons Why was starting to film for Season 4 in Sonoma County. One of those locations was SSU. An email to campus staff read: “Locations during the week will include the main entrance, the Student Center and Seawolf Plaza, the exterior of Stevenson Hall and in the plaza between Stevenson and Darwin halls, the exterior of Salazar Hall and Room 1010 and at the large lake.”

Then there was this post below from Sonoma State American Language Institute on Facebook, which reads: “Some excitement today as Sonoma State was transformed by the magic of Hollywood into ‘Sanderson University’ to film season 4 of Netflix’ teen drama ’13 Reasons Why.’ We got photos of a major plot twist being filmed, but were asked by the nice folks at Paramount Studios not to post them until season 4 drops next year (stay tuned!). We aren’t surprised they chose Sonoma State; we’ve always been proud of our beautiful campus!”

Sonoma State

FacebookSonoma State

So it looks like there’s going to be a big plot twist that happens at “Sanderson University” in Season 4.

In the Facebook post, they noted that SSU’s Stevenson Hall was turned into the School of Architecture. And most of the locations on the school’s map were renamed for Sanderson University, including adding a track and baseball field.

Here are some more photos shared by Sonoma State University:


More Season 4 Plot Details

A series of casting calls were posted on Imgur for 13 Reasons Why Season 4.


It looks like there will be at least some flashbacks, since there’s a call for a “Bryce Photo Double” and we know from Season 3’s trailers that Bryce was killed.

There’s also going to be a Valentine’s Dance in Season 4.

You can see new casting calls for Season 4 here. This is what was posted as of August 22:


It looks like Season 4 is also going to include a scene at the mall with a mall security guard and an addiction support group meeting.

Some casting calls asked actors to wear layers because part of Season 4 will take place in winter, one Redditor (u/elelunicy) shared.

Here’s a Look at Some of the Season 4 Cast

From the Season 4 filming photos, it looks like Tyler Barnhardt will be returning as Charlie Saint, a new character in Season 3.

Other Season 4 filming photos seem to indicate that Dylan Minnette (Clay), Alisha Boe (Jessica), and Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley) will be returning too. The photos also appear to show Ross Butler (Zach) and Christian Navarro (Tony) too. Alex’s dad also appears to be in the photos.

Brandon Flynn posted an Instagram video during filming, and the chair behind him reads “Amy Hargreaves.”  This was posted during Season 4 filming, so it seems to be further proof that Minnette, Flynn, and Amy Hargreaves (Lainie Jensen) will be in Season 4 too.

It also looks like Devin Druid (Tyler) will be returning. This photo from the set reveals Tyler with his camera during filming for Season 4. This photo was shared on Reddit by u/scmetxmes.

Someone who stumbled onto the filming also mentioned that Ryan Shaver (who plays Tommy Dorfman) will be back for Season 4. The post is gone now, but a Reddit thread about the post is here. Redditor u/SunnyPixie wrote: “So, this post is in response to being asked about an earlier post in which the poster had talked about accidentally stumbling upon 13RW being filmed, and referred to one of the stars as nice and another as ‘yikes.’ Little heads up any Tommy fans, this post isn’t exactly glowing in praise of him (though it’s humorously-done, and the poster does offer reasons as to why he might have come across the way he did.) But anyway, it appears if this is accurate (and true, I guess. I know people do make stuff up, though it doesn’t really sound made up to me.) according to this post, that Ryan will be making a return in season 4! Whether it’s just a one-off appearance or here and there, or as a regular, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

It’s not confirmed that Ryan Shaver will be back for Season 4, but a couple people did indicate that they thought they saw him during filming.

Here Are Some Photos & Plot Spoilers from ’13 Reasons Why’ Season 4

On Reddit, u/elelunicy shared this photo from the Season 4 set of 13 Reasons Why. The filming was done at Sheriff Station.

A casting call for August 23, 2019 was seeking sheriff deputies (including people who previously played a deputy for the show), detectives, jail guards, station vistiors, and a station receptionist.

The car looks distinctly like Clay’s Prius.

Then there’s a video from the Delta Upsilon California Chapter, where they apparently filmed a frat party scene in Season 4.


So it looks like a frat party scene was filmed at a fraternity house in UC Berkeley for Season 4. One person on Reddit, u/atabae, said they filmed a rape scene there. Of course, there’s no proof provided, so we can’t verify this is accurate. They wrote: “So I go to Berkeley and can confirm it was a rape scene (they held the actors at the frat one of my close friends is currently living in). … She said that the extra said the scene ‘isn’t what you’d expect’ which makes me believe they’re probably switching up their approach to scenes like this.”

It looks like Season 4 of 13 Reasons Why is going to be intense.

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