AGT 2019 Live Results: Who Made it Through Tonight? – 8/21/2019

AGT 2019 Results

Photo by: NBCUniversal

Tonight was the second live results show for America’s Got Talent 2019 quarterfinals and only 7 acts make it through to the semi-finals. Last night, 12 acts performed as part 2 of the quarterfinals for season 14 and fans were waiting to see who would move on in the competition. The acts who performed last night were Charlotte Summers, Chris Kläfford, Joseph Allen, Light Balance Kids, Marina Mazepa, Ndlovu Youth Choir, Nick & Lindsay, Robert Finley, Ryan Niemiller, The Sentimentalists, Tyler Butler-Figueroa, and V.Unbeatable.

During tonight’s results show, fates were revealed and performers hoped to keep their spot on the show. In addition, singer Susan Boyle appeared for a special performance.

Read on below for a rundown on tonight’s results in our live recap. See who made it through, who was eliminated, and who competed for tonight’s live Dunkin Save vote. We will continue to update you with the results as they air live.

AGT 2019 Results Live Recap – Quarterfinals Part 2

At the start of the show, Simon Cowell paid tribute to fellow judge Howie Mandel, who has been a part of the show for 10 years. Cowell said that without Mandel, “we wouldn’t have this show”. A video package from last night’s performances, along with behind-the-scenes footage, played for viewers. Some acts failed while others exceeded expectations.

Charlotte Summers, Chris Kläfford and the Ndlovu Youth Choir were the announced as the three acts eligible for the Dunkin Save votes. Which of these acts would make it through with the Dunkin Save? Chris Kläfford was leading in the live votes when they were shown across the bottom of the screen. Then, in a video package, the remaining acts were shown talking about their lives and dream of “big things” like America’s Got Talent.

Soon, more results were revealed. Tyler Butler-Figueroa and Joseph Allen were asked to step forward, with two golden buzzer winners up against each other. And, the contestant moving forward was … Tyler Butler-Figueroa. Simon Cowell gushed that Butler-Figueroa has a “God-given gift”.

V.Unbeatable and The Sentimentalists were the next acts to find out their fates. And, the next act moving on to the semifinals was revealed to be V.Unbeatable, which meant that The Sentimentalists were eliminated. Judge Julianne Hough said it’s no wonder they’re going through because they had “the best performance of the night” last night.

And the next acts up were Nick & Lindsay, Robert Finley, and Light Balance Kids. Who would go through to the next round? … Light Balance Kids. But, one of the other two acts went through as well – Robert Finley.

Susan Boyle then took the stage to sing “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables.

Ryan Niemiller and Marina Mazepa were then given their results, with just one of them heading to the semifinals. And, the person put through was Niemiller.

And finally, the big reveal of the Dunkin Save … Chris Kläfford was put through to the semifinals by America’s live voting. This meant that the other two acts would face the judges for the last spot of the night.

Judge Gabrielle Union voted for Ndlovu Youth Choir, while Julianne Hough went with Charlotte Summers. Simon Cowell said it was a tricky decision, but he chose the choir as well. This meant that the decision was down to Howie Mandel, who said he loved the two acts equally. Mandel went with Summers, which made a tie. And so, the live voting results came into play to break the tie. America’s votes were for … Ndlovu Youth Choir.