Alana & Amanda on Intervention Season 20 Episode 3


A&E Intervention Season 21 features the stories of addicts and their families suffering at the hands of the national opioid crisis.

Alana and Amanda are the subjects of tonight’s season 20 episode of A&E’s Intervention. The segment is titled “The Heroin Hub: Chapter 3,” and follows the two women as they struggle with heroin addiction. Will Alana and Amanda get the help they need to get clean and start over?

The official synopsis for tonight’s episode reads: “Alana tries to stay sober while maintaining a relationship with her addict boyfriend; Nicole’s fiancé’s reaction to Nicole getting help throws her whole intervention into question.” Amanda is the third and most advertised story of the episode. The synopsis states that Amanda “risks losing custody of her 2-year-old son.”

Tonight’s Episode of ‘Intervention’ Follows 3 Different Stories In the ‘Heroin Triangle’

The promo for tonight’s episode sees a police officer tell the camera that they are trying to “slow down the freight train” that is the opioid epidemic. We see Alana struggling to reel in her addict boyfriend Bill despite his legal troubles. The couple argue on the street, and the latter says that he refuses to partake in an intervention regardless of the consequences. “I’m not going,” he says, “I don’t care, I’ll go to jail.”

The promo then shows Amanda struggling to come to grips with her custody situation. “I don’t want to sign my rights over to my kid,” she tearfully says. “I miss my son.” We also see footage of her using, and admitting that she “can’t stop.”

Both Alana & Nicole Will Struggle to Maintain Their Relationships

The current season of Intervention is following interconnected stories of addicts and their families suffering at the hands of the national opioid crisis. The stories take place within the Philadelphia area known as the “Heroin Hub,” and documents the experiences of the families as well as the city officials who are trying to intervene and save the lives of those affected.

Intervention features an experienced roster of interventionists, including Candy Finnigan, Ken Seeley, Donna Chavous and Heather Hayes, as well as new team member, Michael Gonzales. Seeley, a former methamphetamine addict, told the Inquirer that the current season is the most devastating yet. “One part that really sticks out in my mind is seeing a 10-year-old playing soccer, kicking a ball around the street, and all the adults are just nodding out,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything as bad in my entire career.”

Interventionist Ken Seeley Said He’s ‘Never Seen Anything as Bad’ In His Career

“We’re looking for where the crisis is hitting the most,” Seeley continued. “The reason I’ve stayed with Intervention is that this is as real as it gets. The producers are just there documenting the truth. To see how devastating [Kensington] is is going to be an eye opener for the rest of the country.”

Will Amanda risk her daughter growing up motherless just so she can keep getting high? Will Alana be able to overcome her demons and reconcile with her addict boyfriend? Tune in tonight at 8/7c on A&E to find out.

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