Annalee Belle, JD Scott’s Fiancee: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Annalee Belle


The oldest Property Brother is officially off the market. Jonathon and Drew Scott’s older sibling, JD Scott, is soon-to-be married to makeup artist Annalee Belle.

What do we know about her? Read on.

1. JD and Annalee Became Engaged on Halloween 2018

Although they didn’t reveal the news until November, JD and Annalee became engaged on Halloween of last year.

JD shared the news in an Instagram post, which he captioned, “It looks like I get to spend the rest of my life with you. I’m on cloud 9 right now! #SheSaidYes #Engaged #Proposal.”

Belle took to Instagram with a post of her own that read, “IT. HAPPENED. WE’RE ENGAGED!!!!!! [J.D. Scott] proposed to me on Halloween, but we only told friends and family until now. I’m bracing myself for all the ‘It’s about time’ comments. [Laughing out loud].’”

2. She Is a Makeup Artist

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¡Te amo, México! ?? Many of you you may not know… soy medio Mexicana! Mis abuelos y mí mama son Mexicanos. ❤️? (Pardon my Spanish if it’s incorrect!) I’ve always loved a lot of things about my Mexican side, but this last year I’ve found myself really wanting to learn more about this country from which I came. I’ve had this burning desire to learn Spanish, travel to Mexico, and know more about my family’s history as well as the country’s. For a long time I think I was resentful of a lot of the drama on that side of my family, which made me not embrace my heritage as much. I’ve been working on understanding why a lot of those things happened. I’m not saying they were okay…the hush-hush attitude and discounting of mental health issues are NEVER okay…but I do have some more empathy and sympathy towards some of those situations. My mom and her siblings were treated very very poorly growing up for being Mexican and speaking Spanish. My mom didn’t teach Spanish fully to my brother and me because she didn’t want us to be bullied by kids and teachers like she was when she was young. I know enough to get by, but I can’t wait to learn more. It’s been soooooo so great to be surrounded by wonderful people who take the time to have a conversation with me in broken Spanish and who don’t mind my asking for help with translations. Wow..I didn’t think that was going to be an emotional post but here I am really feeling the feels as I type this up while I’m working on set here. ?? I’m super excited to explore more of Mexico City’s beauty! ❤️? BRA: @knickerocker DRESS: @dollskill SHOES: @crocs

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Annalee works as a celebrity makeup artist.

According to Your Tango, she has done hair and makeup for Property Brothers shows, like Drew and Linda Crafting, Property Brothers: Linda and Drew Say I Do, Brother vs. Brother, Wedding Cake Countdown with Drew and Linda, Property Brothers at Home, and Brothers Take on New Orleans.

On her Youtube channel, Annalee shares some of her top makeup tips and tricks. Check out one of the videos below.

Easy & Quick Everyday MakeupHere's my updated routine for my simple everyday makeup. As many of you know, the last year has been quite the change in my schedule since I am now doing makeup for TV. Early call times don't exactly make me want to get dolled up much, but since there are lots of behind the scenes…2017-07-12T19:31:36.000Z

3. The Property Brothers Renovated Their Home

Earlier this year, Drew and Jonathon Scott renovated JD and Annalee’s home in Vegas.

The Toronto City News writes, “The Vancouver-born stars even found themselves getting teary eyed while working on the Las Vegas home of their brother, JD (James Daniel), and his fiancee, Annalee Belle”

Drew shared with the outlet, “That was incredibly emotional for us… (JD) is a busy guy and he’s never really been able to fully commit to transforming his space, and it’s also felt like a bachelor pad for many years. Now he’s engaged and he and his soon-to-be wife are going to be living in the house and we wanted to make sure it had a bit of both of their personalities in it.”

The Property Brothers, to date, has aired in over 150 countries, including HGTV in the US.

4. She Recently Celebrated Her Bachelorette Party

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I never saw myself as a bride. I kind of still don’t even though I’m super excited to get married. I never grew up dreaming of a “perfect” wedding and seeing myself in a dress for the first time was…weird to say the least. Lol. Words can’t express enough how much it meant to have my closest friends and family with me on the day I found that perfect dress. So perfect I cried! I’m gonna have to post that video after the wedding. Bc obv I cant show my dress before. ? @brilliantbridal really did an amazing job of helping pull dresses for me. And my VEIL!! Omg the veil… ? ? At some point in my 20s, I decided that if I was going to have a wedding I wanted it to either be a backyard shindig or AN EVENT. We’ve decided to combine both ideas for something really…well, marvelous! And since @marveloustea helped my incredible bridal crew throw a killer bachelorette party, she’ll be doing our wedding also. ? Thank you so much, @bedstuyblonde and @people, for these articles. It’s really wild to think about how excited other people are for our wedding. ??? If you wanna see how freaking amazing my bachelorette party ended up, read the article linked in my bio. ? It was the flipping best night ending with @desirre_hairstylist, @microartistry_amandataylor, and myself all out in downtown Las Vegas dancing to Latin music in unicorn onesies. We danced so hard that we ripped the crotch on two of our onesies. ???

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Annalee recently celebrated her bachelorette party with some familiar faces, including her future sister-in-law, Linda Phan. The bash took place in Las Vegas.

Belle shared with People in a recent interview, “Everyone arrived on a Saturday evening and we met at our suite at the Park MGM… My favorite part was that we could all stay together. Since my brother is in Denver, two friends are in Amarillo (Texas), and one is in Albuquerque, I’ve never been able to have everyone together before, so it was pretty awesome!”

On Sunday of the Bachelorette party, the crew went dress shopping, followed by some fun at The Marvelous Vintage Tea Party Co.

“I cried for the third time that day as I realized how wonderful my bridal party is,” Belle shared.

5. Linda Phan Will Be One of Her Bridesmaids

According to People, Linda Phan, who married Drew Scott last year, will serve as one of Belle’s bridesmaids.

Linda and Drew met in 2010 at Toronto Fashion week. While the two married in May, Linda has been working for the Scott Brothers’ company, Scott Brothers Entertainment, for years, as the creative director.

In an interview with Your Tango, Drew shared, “…My girlfriend and I are both workaholics. We love what we do and that we can work side by side. The small gestures are romantic to me—it makes me smile every time I find funny notes in my bag when I go away on business trips.”