Ariadna Oropeza: Break Dancer Goes Viral on Twitter

Ariadna Oropeza

Ariadna Oropeza

Ariadna Oropeza has gone viral on Twitter after she put on a show for her peers on the first day of class.

On the first day of class at Houston Community College, Oropeza was apparently asked to tell the class about herself. Instead of offering an anecdote or a fun fact, she pulled out a break dancing floor and speaker.

Oropeza went on to show the class her impressive moves. With “The Choice is Yours” by Black Sheep playing in the background, the young dancer dropped to the floor and displayed some clever footwork. She stopped quickly to put on a beanie and then finished with a head spin.

According to Oropeza’s Instagram, she is a dedicated dancer and is delighted at the growing popularity of her classmates’ video.

Here’s what you need to know:

Oropeza Wanted to Show Rather Than Tell on the First Day of Class

Oropeza’s fellow classmate Joy Emeribe shared a video she took from the first day of class. Emeribe, who can be heard giggling throughout the 45-second clip, said that she did not share the video in bad taste, only because her classmate’s actions were out of the ordinary.

“Professor said tell me about yourself and sis pulled out a break dancing floor and speaker ….I can’t make this shit up,” Emeribe wrote on Twitter.

Emeribe’s video has been viewed over 4 million times. The post has garnered more than 73,000 retweets, over 278,000 likes, and thousands of comments.

“Lmao I be nervous to say my name and major,” Brandon wrote on Twitter.

One person asked what the professor’s reaction was to Oropeza’s interesting introduction. Emeribe said his response was a simple, “Wow.”

Another person said he hopes Emeribe drops the class, however, she said: “Hell nah shit finna be lit.”

This is Not the First Time Oropeza Has Been Filmed Break Dancing at School

In another video on Twitter, shared by Jenny Jiang, Oropeza can be seen participating in a dance battle in what looks like a high school cafeteria. She shows off her moves in front of hundreds of screaming students.

“she’s definitely stepped up her moves since high school !!!” Jiang said.

Danya Maoed shared another video of Oropeza impressing a crowd of people at what looks like a high school pep rally. Maoed said Oropeza is the “life of the party.”

In a post on Instagram, Oropeza can be seen practicing her head spin. She said she is “building up her chakra.”

Oropeza is finally being recognized and has even been contacted by local news organizations. People from all over have been complimenting her courageousness and congratulating her on the viral fame.

“some guy said he finna transfer on Twitter cuz I made hcc so interesting,” Oropeza said on Instagram.

Not Only Has Oropeza Gone Viral, She is Now a Meme

Oropeza has now joined the ranks of hundreds of people who have been memed on Twitter. During her dance, there were several opportunities to crack jokes, and Twitter has not held back.

“Me to myself when I doubt myself,” one user wrote.

“Fuxk You mean I can’t head spin?” Another user wrote.

“Y’all feel that?” Leeroy asked.

“Mood,” JDN said simply.

“Jumping to conclusions like,” FattieSmalls??? wrote.