Who Gets Eliminated on BIP This Week? 8/26/2019

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Time

ABC/Paul Hebert

Bachelor In Paradise continues tonight on ABC. The series follows the cast members of previous Bachelorette seasons as they search for a romantic connection with one another. Given the competitive streak and conflicted alliances of the Bachelor In Paradise cast, it’s a mystery as to which contestants will be sent home this week.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode reads, “Caitlin and Kristina have a stressful cocktail party; Katie changes her mind about Chris; Caelynn wants a rose from Dean.” The teaser for tonight’s episode sees Caelynn Miller-Keyes admits that she’s not sure how much she can trust Dean Unglert. “I think your reputation has people worried,” she explained. “Everyone’s like, ‘Just be careful.'”

Beware of spoilers below and STOP READING if you do not want to know what happens and who gets eliminated on season 6 episode 7 of Bachelor In Paradise.

According to Reality Steve, the contestants who are sent home during episode 7 are Tahzjuan Hawkins, Caitlin Clemmens, and Jen Saviano. Tahzjuan was from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, and she will be the first to go on a date with John Paul Jones tonight. The couple reportedly hit it off, but things get complicated when Jones goes on a second date with Haley and they get extra flirty. This makes Tahzjuan extremely jealous, and leads to a confrontation between her and Haley.

At some point during tonight’s episode, Reality Steve reports that Tahzjuan and Haley get into an argument, with the former calling the latter names. All this will eventually lead to Tahzjuan not getting a rose and being sent home. Caitlin was also from Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season, while Jen previously appeared on Ben Higgins’ season.

Tahzjuan Hawkins, Caitlin Clemmens & Jen Saviano Will Be Sent Home Tonight

Beyond the eliminations that take place during the rose ceremony, there is a fourth contestant who decides to walk off the show: Dean Unglert. He leaves after giving Caelynn Miller-Keyes his rose, and justifies his actions by saying that he doesn’t see anything progressing past the show. Dean’s exit comes on the heels of the criticism he leveled at fellow cast member Blake Horstmann.

“I’ve got a big issue with the text messages,” he said on the Almost Famous podcast. “What really crossed the line for me … [Blake] took private text messages between him and another girl who did not consent to him releasing these text messages and blasted them publicly for his 600,000 followers. Then it got picked up by news outlets, which then gets blasted out to millions more.”

“Publishing and publicizing private text messages without the consent of the other person, as a public figure, is one of the most disgraceful things I think he could possibly do. I think it’s almost equivalent to sharing someone’s nude [photos],” Dean continued. “You never enter into a text conversation with anyone ever expecting them to screenshot and advertise them.”