‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers 2019: Who Is Demi Burnett Dating on BIP?

Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers 2019 Demi

Instagram Pictured: Demi Burnett

Demi Burnett was one of the villains on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. Burnett was eliminated on episode 6 of the season after paying a late-night visit to Underwood. She told the cameras that she had a goal of taking Underwood’s virginity, but her advances were rejected. Since The Bachelor, Burnett has gone on to join Bachelor in Paradise 2019.

Prior to arriving in Paradise, Burnett sat down with fellow Bachelor cast-off and friend Hannah Brown, from The Bachelorette 2019 and revealed that she had been seeing a woman prior to going off to film Bachelor in Paradise. Burnett told Brown, “I have kind of been seeing someone. Of course, plot twist, it happens to be a woman,” Burnett tells the former pageant queen. “It’s not something that I need to label. So I feel like I don’t have to proclaim that I am gay, I’m straight, I’m bisexual, I’m this. I just like who I like … It doesn’t matter who or what you are, it’s the person.”

Burnett also told the cameras that she was trying to figure out what she wants in Paradise since she is also attracted to women. She revealed that the reason she wasn’t settled was that, “It’s this constant indecisiveness in me, and I just feel the only way for me to truly know what I want and how I want to love and who I want to love, is if I try out Paradise.”

Derek Peth and Demi Burnett Hit It Off

When cast member Derek Peth saw Burnett arrive in Paradise, he said he was definitely attracted to her and would love to get to know her better. Peth and Burnett started hanging out and Peth told the cameras that there was a connection, while Burnett acknowledged that Peth was genuinely interested in her. Burnett told the cameras that she was having fun “exploring” and she wanted to “test the waters”. The two then end up making out in a hot tub together. She called him a good kisser, sexy and a sweet man. So, one would think these two were on a path to possibly find love together.

But, that’s not the case, as Peth ends up a bit broken-hearted by Burnett.

Peth is a veteran on Bachelor in Paradise and he’s dealt with romantic ups and downs on TV in the past. Ahead of the new premiere, Peth wrote on Instagram why he decided to try for love again on BIP. In his message, he wrote, “Deciding to return to BIP was not easy. When I was first asked, I didn’t think I was ready to face my many anxieties, especially pain from memories of a relationship I thought was going to last forever. I also had my job to consider. How will my clients perceive my continued connection to a reality show? Friends warned against the possibility that I might be edited with some new personality just for a viewer twist. All that said, I’ve been struggling to find someone to romantically connect with who appreciated me for just me and didn’t make so much of my experiences (whether good or bad judgment) in reality tv. As you can see…the opportunity for openness won out over the fear. I changed that worry into excitement at the chance to be around a group of amazing women who I could potentially find a real match with as well as that chance at more lifelong friendships.”

Demi Burnett Gets Engaged on BIP 2019

Reality Steve has reported that the woman who Burnett was seeing before the show actually ends upcoming on the show. Her girlfriend, Kristian Haggerty arrives in Paradise at one point and ends up becoming her fiance. So, Burnett does get engaged, but not to a Bachelor Nation cast member.

It’s unusual for production to bring on a cast member who was not previously a contestant on The Bachelorette or The Bachelor, but it has been done. For example, Ashley Iaconetti’s sister Lauren previously appeared on the show.

In a promo clip from season 6 of BIP, Burnett is shown making out with another woman on a bed and says, “I know that I love this girl. I’m just so happy that I found her, and I can definitely picture being with her for the rest of my life.” And, prior to the new season, Burnett tweeted to fans online, “Spoiler alert: I’m a queer queen BachelorInParadise,” according to Cosmopolitan. So, it looks like Burnett may have made her mind up on Paradise, as she is still reported to be together with Haggerty today.

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