Who Are the Bella Twins on Celebrity Family Feud?

Bella Twins


Tonight, the Bella twins will be competing on a new episode of Celebrity Family Feud. And for those of you tuning into the show, you may be wondering who, exactly, the Bella twins are?

Brie and Nikki are identical twin sisters and make up a professional wrestling tag team on WWE.

While the twins, today, are retired from WWE, they have made a name for themselves as entertainers, businesswomen, and owners of a clothing line and wine collection. They’ve even led their own show on the E! network, called Total Bellas.

In a 2015 interview with the International Business Times,  the sisters were asked how they compare their careers in the WWE now to before the start of Total Divas. Nikki answered, “Our careers are the best they’ve ever been. I’m really enjoying the title reign I have right now. I hope it continues for a very long time and I hope I can do things in the Divas division that will always be remembered. “Total Divas” has given all the divas a different platform to let the world know who we really are and all the hard work we put in, not only into being a diva but how we actually put hard work into our personal lives because we travel so much. And it’s just nice to take the WWE divas more mainstream. I definitely have to say I’m grateful for my career right now.”

Nikki, to date, has won the title two times, while Brie has won one title. Their success in the ring has led to appearances on shows like Meet My Folks, Best Week Ever, Ridiculousness, and music videos like Right Side of the Bed and Na Na. They also appeared on the Youtube show The JBL & Cole Show.

Their latest endeavor? Nicole + Brizee, a body and beauty line. According to Pop Sugar, the line was inspired by their grandmother, who always emphasized taking care of your skin. The website reads, “Ever since we were little girls our Nana always taught us the importance of healthy skin and a routine. Always put lotion on after showers, wash your face at night, never forget to wear your sunscreen and of course always wear your rouge and perfume when you walk out the door.” They offer products like leave-in conditioner, shampoo, body shimmer, and body wash. Check out the website here.

Speaking to US Magazine in February, Brie shared, “Nikki and I are excited to launch our beauty line… It represents who we are as women, Fearless and Empowered. We want women to feel that way in their skin, confident that they will be looking their best.”

Will all this success in their careers lead to a successful night on Celebrity Family Feud? Be sure to tune in tonight at 8pm ET/PT to find out.