‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Memes & BIP Jokes 2019

John Paul Jones memes


Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise premiered Monday, August 5, and Bachelor Nation fans were ready on Twitter with memes and jokes about the first episode’s highs, lows, and hilarious moments.

Here are some of the internet’s best memes and jokes from the BIP season 6 premiere:

Before the episode even started airing, beloved Bachelor Nation alum Sean Lowe proposed a new format for the show that he says more accurately depicts his version of “paradise.” In the tweet, he wrote “Don’t miss Bachelor in Paradise tonight. Different format this year. No big cast or beach, it’s just me eating a stuffed crust pizza and watching TV while the kids are nowhere to be found. A lot less drama than previous seasons but a more accurate depiction of paradise.”

Bachelor in Paradise‘s official Twitter account started the season with a meme of their own, featuring Bachelorette season 15 fan-favorite John Paul Jones.

@BachPartyPod wasted no time taking a jab at Jed Wyatt AND Cam’s intro rap, tweeting “Cam is low-key a better musician than Jed.”

@thebachdiaries was not excited to see Cam arrived in Paradise and used a photo of an Uno playing card to express their discontent.

Dylan, who was somewhat overlooked on Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette, got noticed by @kat_nein, who said he arrived looking “FINE AS HELL.”

Dylan caught Audrey’s attention, too, and she pointed out how while everyone was saying how attractive they think Blake is, she had her eyes on Dylan.

@summerzajac pointed out Kevin’s weird and somewhat off-putting first impression of Tayshia (he said “Tayshia has a perfect figure, nice teeth, beautiful jaws”), asking “Kevin are you looking for a girl or an organ donor?”

When Blake asked Tayshia out on a date rather than Hannah, he shocked everyone, especially Hannah G. Sabine noticed Hannah’s disappointment, and turned it into a hilarious meme depicting “Hannah G realizing she’s not the only girl in paradise.”

Blake’s history with several of the season 6 women earned him early criticism from Bachelor Nation, and Brett S. Vergara used a Parks and Recreation gif to tell Blake “You’re the worst.”

@sarahor05 praised Kristina for playing Blake the way he apparently played her and a few of the other women, writing “For a second I thought Kristina fell for his bullshit. But she’s about to make Blake her bitch yasss.”

Molly Mendelson compared the love pentagon to the movie John Tucker Must Die.

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