What Happened on Bachelor In Paradise 2019 This Week? Episode 7 & 8 Recap

Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale

ABC BACHELOR IN PARADISE - Breakout fan favorites from "The Bachelor" franchise are back and ready for a second (or third or fourth) chance at finding love, as the hit series "Bachelor in Paradise" returns for Season 6.

Week 4 of Bachelor in Paradise aired on Monday, August 26 and Tuesday, August 27. At this point in season 6, couples are beginning to form real relationships, and are facing decisions about how to progress romantically as new cast members step onto the beach and shake things up.

The official episode 7 description reads “Caitlin and Kristina have a stressful cocktail party; Katie changes her mind about Chris; Caelynn wants a rose from Dean.” The episode 8 synopsis teases that “A surprise package arrives with an invitation to the wedding of Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson; Tayshia’s two suitors get in a heated exchange.”

Here’s what happened on week 4 of Bachelor in Paradise season 6:

BEWARE OF SPOILERS below and STOP READING NOW if you aren’t caught up and don’t want to know what happened. This post will be updated live as the episodes air.

Episode 7 (Monday, August 26)

The episode opened with Derek reflecting on it being a new day and feeling better after getting dumped by Demi. Meanwhile, Tayshia revealed to Kristina that she is interested in Derek and would like an opportunity to get to know him better and see what happens. Then, she pulled John Paul Jones aside to tell him that he should go out on dates with other women if he’s asked.

Tahzjuan Hawkins arrived in paradise and quickly asked John Paul Jones on a date. He accepted, though he told the camera he was still only interested in Tayshia.

On their date, John Paul Jones laughed over his own “Tahzjuan” puns and Tahzjuan refused to eat the food, saying “You’re not supposed to eat the date food.” They danced to live music and then went swimming and made out.

Tayshia and Sydney spilled that Colton Underwood was a bad kisser as the cast sat around a fire.

Caelynn confronted Dean about his bad reputation, and he told her he was enjoying spending his time with her but that he sucks at dating and isn’t ready for a “normal life.”

Haley arrived in Paradise interested in John Paul Jones, which Tahzjuan was not happy about. Haley and JPJ’s date went well, and immediately after they got back to the beach, Tahzjuan grilled them about their date at the bar. JPJ told her that they kissed, and Tahzjuan told Wells that she and JPJ jumped into the river “nakey” during their date the night before. Tahzjuan told Haley she thought about spitting in Haley’s wine and then started crying; Haley stepped away so Tahzjuan could talk to JPJ.

After Blake told Caitlin he was giving her his rose, Kristina pulled Blake aside to confront Blake about Caitlin. She said Blake shouldn’t give Caitlin a rose if he doesn’t know that he wants to pursue a relationship with and got in his head; Blake went back and told Caitlin he was considering giving Kristina his rose so she could have another chance at finding someone.

The cocktail party fell on Caelynn’s birthday, and Dean surprised her with a cake and a bottle of champagne. Caelynn acknowledged him going out of his comfort zone to make her feel appreciated.

Katie pulled Chris aside to tell him she chooses him and wants to be with him, but he told her that, after his date with Jen, he doesn’t know what he wants to do.

When it was time for the rose ceremony, Chris Harrison announced that though the men would be handing out the roses this week, Demi would get to give out the first rose of the night. Of course, she gave her rose to Kristian, who accepted it.

Dylan gave his rose to Hannah, Clay gave his to Nicole, Mike gave his to Sydney, Dean gave his to Caelynn, Blake gave his rose to Kristina so that she could hopefully find someone next week, Derek gave his to Tayshia, John Paul Jones gave his rose to Haley, and Chris gave the final rose of the night to Katie.

Jen, Tahzjuan and Caitlin were sent home. To be continued on Tuesday…

Episode 8 (Tuesday, August 27)

After the rose ceremony, Dean pulled Caelynn aside to talk to her privately. He told her that he didn’t come to Paradise expected to like someone as much as he likes her, but that he knows he won’t be ready to be where she wants to be by the end of the show. He decided to break things off and go home, leaving Caelynn behind and crying in Paradise.

John Paul Jones was in tears on the beach too, as a result of Derek giving Tayshia his rose the night before.

A date card came in inviting the BIP cast to Krystal and Chris’s wedding. The news, while exciting for most, was nerve-wracking for Clay, whose ex-girlfriend Angela was in the wedding party and would, therefore, be in attendance at the big event.

Krystal and Chris’s wedding was, as Nicole put it, a “class reunion with people from all different grades.” Tia told Caelynn that Dean booked her the night before, and then three new men arrived at the wedding. Connor caught Caelynn’s attention immediately and her demeanor instantly changed.

The wedding ceremony was tearful and beautiful, and Chris Harrison officiated.

During the reception, John Paul Jones confronted Derek about his podcast and his intentions with Tayshia, where the bride, groom, and their guests could hear him. He accused Derek of using his status as a public figure to get with women and insulting his intelligence.

Chris and Krystal called the entire season 6 cast of BIP over to tell them that they hope they can serve as inspiration for them before revealing that they have a table for a select group of people to join them at the afterparty. Notably absent from that VIP table were Sydney, Nicole, and Derek, even though Clay, Mike, and Tayshia were invited. Nicole expressed anxiety about Clay being at the party with Angela, without her present.

During the after-party, Clay pulled Angela aside to talk. He told her that he just wanted her to be happy, and Angela confronted him about the things he told her when they were together (including that he said he needed to be alone when they broke up).

Back at the beach, the Derek and JPJ drama continued – Derek told Wells about what happened during the wedding, and JPJ approached the bar to tell Derek that he stood by every word he said.

The next day, Caelynn lamented over the fact that even though she and Connor connected (and kissed) at the wedding, he wasn’t there in Paradise for them to continue building their connection. Right on cue, Connor walked down the stairs to join the cast on the beach, and pulled Caelynn aside to talk. He chose to give Caelynn his date card, and the two went on a romantic body-painting date where they talked and made out.

Clay talked to Nicole about his conversation with Angela during the wedding, and told him not to worry about the former couple’s history.