What Happens on Bachelor In Paradise This Week – 8/19/2019 Recap

Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale

ABC BACHELOR IN PARADISE - Breakout fan favorites from "The Bachelor" franchise are back and ready for a second (or third or fourth) chance at finding love, as the hit series "Bachelor in Paradise" returns for Season 6.

Week 3 of Bachelor in Paradise aired over the course of two nights, on Monday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 20. The third week saw new men and women join Paradise to replace those who were unable to make connections and sent home.

The synopsis for Monday’s episode reads “One disheartened woman decides to make an early exit; Hannah G. must choose between Blake and Dylan; a woman uncovers an embarrassing secret.” Tuesday’s episode description says “Demi tells Chris how conflicted she feels; a new arrival has her designs on Chris; Demi reconnects with the woman she left behind.”

If you’re looking for a week 3 recap, here’s what happened in Paradise season 6 during episodes 5 and 6:

BEWARE OF SPOILERS BELOW and STOP READING NOW if you are not caught up and don’t want to know what happened. This article will be updated as each episode airs.

Monday, August 19 Episode Recap

The week began where week 2 left off, unveiling the rest of the violent drama between Jordan and Christian. The previous episode ended with Jordan bodyslamming Christian down the caban steps in a physical fight, and Monday night’s episode showed production and security stepping in to separate the men and escorting them away before Christian breaks away and races after Jordan to fight him again.

Chris Harrison and production talked to Christian while he received medical attention for an injured shoulder and informed him that both he and Jordan would be sent home.

Harrison assembled the remaining cast members to assert that they have a zero violence policy and, for that, Christian and Jordan had to leave, no questions asked. Nicole was understandably upset and felt that she caused the fight.

Harrison then encouraged them to “pick right back up where they were” with the cocktail party. Nicole and Clay rekindled their romance, and Onyeka hoped that the available men would try to woo her in an attempt to earn her rose. After Cam told her that he overheard Mike say that she wasn’t her type, she grew frustrated and wondered if she was wasting her time.

As Hannah continued to struggle with her love triangle, Dylan pulled her aside for a picnic on the beach and told her that he will choose her every time and will wait while she figures it out.

In an effort to one-up him, Blake used his time with Hannah to surprise her with a private band and dance. Dylan was not happy that the two danced and kissed right in front of him, and walked away crying.

When it was time for the rose ceremony, it was still unclear if Hannah would choose Dylan or Blake. Before the women started giving out their roses, Onyeka stepped forward to say that she couldn’t give anyone a rose and would therefore be going home. With Onyeka gone, Harrison announced that three men would be leaving.

Demi gave her rose to Derek, Katie gave hers to Chris, Nicole gave hers to Clay, Caelynn to Dean, Tayshia to John Paul Jones, and Sydney to Mike. Hannah chose to give her rose to Dylan, but Kristina gave the final rose of the night to Blake.

Kevin, Wills and Cam were sent home.

The next day, Blake was worried that he wouldn’t find anyone who excites him as much as Hannah and Demi and Derek continued building their connection. Caitlin was the first new person to join Paradise.

Caitlin pulled Dean aside first to chat but ultimately chose to give her date card to Blake. The two did partner yoga that quickly turned intimate, and talked about Blake’s history with the other women on the beach.

Dylan and Hannah got quality time alone together with a dinner date and private shows. They took turns saying that they’re starting to fall in love with one another.

Tayshia and John Paul Jones continued building their connection, and Demi talked to Derek more about her conflicted feelings about him and the woman she was dating previously.

As the cast anticipated the arrival of a new person, they were surprised to see Hannah Brown, the most recent Bachelorette, come down the steps. Hannah was not there as a contestant, however. She was there to talk to Demi about her experience in Paradise so far and her feelings about Kristian.

After their talk, Demi pulled Derek aside again to let him know that she downplayed the things she told him about Kristian and that she can’t stop thinking about her even though she’s also into Derek and knows how great he is. After Derek walked away from Demi on the beach, Demi approached a producer and asked to speak to Chris Harrison. To be continued Tuesday…

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