Craig Conover Talks About His Adderall Use

Craig Conover Adderall Addiction


On part 1 of the season 6 Southern Charm reunion, Craig Conover is questioned about whether or not he has an addiction to Adderall. At one point in the reunion, Austen Kroll, suggests Conover is a “crackhead,” as reported by Reality Blurb. So, what happens and how does Conover respond to the drug abuse accusations?

Craig Conover Talks About His Adderall Use

In an interview with PEOPLE TV’s Reality Check, Conover addressed the Adderall subject, explaining that on the reunion, “I actually choose to be honest about something that I wasn’t sure if I was going to be honest about, which is just kind of something that I took in law school and was prescribed to and everything, and then should have stopped taking it after law school.” He then said that this was the hardest part of the reunion for him.

He revealed, “[Andy Cohen] was asking me why I was so much healthier in The Bahamas and I stopped in The Bahamas. And now, I’ve stopped again and just this ADD medicine or whatever and I talk about that on the reunion. That was kind of a moment where I was like, ‘You know what, I’ve been honest the past few years and been completely transparent and I kind of just went with it. So once that was over, I got to kind of sit back and have fun and laugh at everyone else.”

Something good to come out of the reunion, according to Conover, is that he and ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo were a bit united. In an interview on the Domenick Nati Show, he said, “She and I were kind of kept away from her for a while, but on the reunion, we were actually able to kind of team up … It was the first time we were both really supportive of one another. She kind of apologized for a lot of things and I apologized for a lot of things.”

He continued, saying, “I think everyone was kind of expecting me to throw her boyfriend under the busy or try to go after her. Instead, it was actually kind and we sat at the bar together for an hour after the reunion and kind of just talked like old friends.”

What Happened on the “Southern Charm” Reunion

So, how did it all go down on the reunion?

On the reunion, Cohen asked Conover about his new assistant, telling him it looked like she does everything. Conover said that he has now taken on more responsibilities. Then the topic of Adderall came up. Conover’s ex Olindo revealed that he used to take the drug and had difficulty sleeping. Conover said he would take Adderall because “it was there”. The subject was only discussed for a couple of minutes and then Cohen moved on to other subjects.

Cohen later returned to the Adderall subject and asked cast member Cameran Eubanks if she thought Conover had an addiction. Eubanks said, “Yes, 100%”. She said that it’s a recipe for “a fucking disaster”. Conover said he’s no longer taking Adderall the way he did.