Why Does Dean Unglert Live In a Van?


Dean Unglert, star of the popular “Bachelor Nation” spinoff Bachelor in Paradise, hit the road earlier this year and decided travel the country while living out of his van. The BIP alum wanted to spend some time seeing the world and backpacking across the U.S. without worrying about paying rent.

“I just moved out of my house,” he told Entertainment Tonight back in June. “I’m just, like, trying to travel the country and see what happens. I live in a van now. I’m planning on [traveling] all across the continental U.S. and then maybe up into Canada as well.”

Read on to find out why Unglert decided to live out of his van:

He Was Inspired By Climber Alex Honnold’s on Free Solo


Unglert told ET that he was inspired to make a change in his life after seeing climber Alex Honnold’s lifestyle on Free Solo. 

“He just made me want to do it and give it a go,” Unglert shared with ET. “I’ve just always kind of had like a nomadic spirit in me, and I’ve always wanted to do it, and I was, like, no better time than now. I’m single and unemployed and now I’m homeless, so I might as well do it, you know?”

His comment about being single came before he was cast on season 6 of BIP, so it’s unclear at this time if he is going to keep living out of his van after BIP wraps up or if he plans to bring his potential new beau with him on his cross-country trip, but he did tell ET that he doesn’t know if living out of a van is “very conducive for a relationship.” He continued: “If it does happen, great, but if not, then I’m not willing to fight it, I guess.”

Unglert has posted several videos and pictures on his Instagram account from his travels, including the reality star out rock climbing, swimming, hiking and sky diving.

He Joked About Moving Into a Van to ‘Remove Himself From the Dating Pool’

Unglert, who has been seeing Caelynn Miller-Keyes over the last few episodes of BIP, recently posted a silly video aimed at the Bachelor alum about growing a mustache and living out of a van to “effectively remove [himself] from the dating pool,” before he met somebody who’s “into that weird shit.”

“When you grow a mustache and move into a van in an effort to effectively remove yourself from the dating pool but then you meet someone who’s into that weird shit,” he captioned a video of Miller-Keyes kissing him on the cheek. He also added the hashtag #bachelorinparadise.

Unglert admitted on the show that he didn’t always have access to a shower, but said during an earlier episode of Paradise that he would use friends’ showers when he could, or any body of water, to wash up. His lack of shower access didn’t seem to deter Miller-Keyes, who appears to be quite smitten with the grungy reality star.

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