‘Euphoria’ Episode 8 Finale Spoilers: Pilot Script Might Leak Major Death


The season finale of Euphoria airs tonight, and fans are wondering if anyone is going to die. There have been some major theories circulating about possible deaths and you can read some of them in Heavy’s story here. But one key to the season’s end might have actually been released weeks ago. An unaired pilot script for Euphoria was leaked. And although the pilot was ultimately changed, this one might reveal a big death and the person who did the killing. This post will have MAJOR spoilers for tonight if the plot from the original pilot script remains the same. Skip to the second section of this story to see the spoilers from the script.

Synopsis & Title for Tonight

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The synopsis for tonight is really short compared to most episode descriptions. It just reads: “In the Season One Finale, it’s the winter formal at East Highland.”

The episode title for tonight is: “And Salt the Earth Behind You.” Unlike many other episode titles, this one doesn’t appear to be based on the title of a rap song.

Some fans voiced concern that a character might be killed in the Season 1 finale. If that happens, said u/Jemimah_Faj, “it’ll probably make season 2 be about a police investigation.”

The Pilot Script Might Reveal Who Dies & Who Killed Them


There’s one good reason to believe that someone might die in the finale, and it’s based on the original pilot script that was later changed. You can read the original pilot script here. This actually has a potentially insane spoiler that might have been taken out of the pilot for shock purposes later. It’s unclear if the producers intended to keep this plotline for the finale tonight or if they simply decided not to run with this particular plot point.

The spoiler is on page 13 of the pilot script. After a voiceover from Rue that’s narrated similarly to the way the pilot actually aired, the script indicates that we jump ahead to “present day” and see a wreathed photo of a smiling jock propped on the 50-yard line.

Rue’s voiceover reads: “Last week, Nate Jacobs, star quarterback of the football team, was found dead in a cornfield off Route 38…” Then the script indicates that we see the cop and sheriff standing over his body, which is beaten so badly they can only identify him because of the monogram on his jacket.

Next, the script on Page 14 shows Rue doing a voiceover for Nate’s memorial service. Rue says in the voiceover: “Don’t feel bad, Nate Jacobs was a part time alcoholic, part time groper, full time f***ng asshole… And if I’m going to be entirely honest… I’m the one who killed him.”

Euphoria Script

The pilot also shows Madison grief-stricken over Nate’s death. Then the show goes back in time to four months before Nate’s death, when Jules first moved to town.

If this is the way the pilot originally was going to air, then it would have echoed shows like Riverdale and even Twin Peaks, where a high school student’s murder serves as the focal point of the season. Except in this case, we would have already known who did the killing.

Is that plot preserved for the season we’re now watching? We’ll only know when the episode ends.

However, there’s good reason to believe this might not end up happening as it was originally written. In the interview below, Jacob Elordi, who plays Nate, says that he could live with these characters for the rest of his life. (This part of the interview happens around 11 minutes in.)

VideoVideo related to ‘euphoria’ episode 8 finale spoilers: pilot script might leak major death2019-08-04T08:30:13-04:00

From how he’s talking, it certainly doesn’t seem like a character who’s dying.

But if the original pilot is what ends up happening in the season, does that mean the voiceovers we’ve heard all season have been Rue’s long, drawn-out confession? Or could she be covering for someone else?

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