‘Euphoria’ Finale: All the Unanswered Questions Fans Need Answered


With the Euphoria finale having just aired and a year or so until Season 2 premieres, fans have a lot of unanswered questions. Here’s a look at some of the loose ends that were left when the show ended. This article will have spoilers for the Season 1 finale of HBO’s Euphoria. 

First, fans want to know: Who was Kat’s mysterious cam creeper? The man bought her entire wishlist off Amazon but would never reveal his identity. This is going to be a problem in Season 2, I’m sure. Some fans thought it was Ethan and he’s not such a nice guy after all. Some fans think it’s Cal, though Cal seems interested in men, not women. Others think it will be someone else entirely – a new person that we meet next season.

Did Mouse shoot Fezco? There was a big standoff between Mouse and Fezco at the end. Fez stole money from the doctor who was supplying Mouse. Then Fez brought enough money (stolen money) to pay off Mouse and be out of his debt. But Mouse’s assistant saw that the money had blood on it. Will Mouse accept Fezco’s payment or is he going to shoot him?

Will Rules get back together? Rue chose the responsible route and didn’t want to abandon her family to go with Jules after all they’d been through. It seems like the end for Rules, but I’m betting they end up back together somehow.

Is Rue dead or alive? Fans are furiously debating just what that final scene in Euphoria meant. Some think that Rue overdosed and died. Some think she just overdosed, but she’s going to live and was simply hallucinating. I’m betting on the latter. I can’t imagine Zendaya quitting, and Leslie’s speech to Rue was at an NA meeting, not a funeral. You can see Heavy’s in-depth story looking into this unanswered question here.

Is Nate alive or dead? Nate threw a huge tantrum, banging his head against the ground, after Cal bested him in a fight. Then Cal walked away because he’s apparently seen this before. Sure, it sounded kind of like Nate killed himself, but I’m doubting that’s the case. I think Nate injured himself pretty badly, but he’s done this before.

Some fans think this has to do with Nate’s confusion or denial about his sexuality. Other fans have gone darker and suggested that Cal abused Nate when he was younger, and Nate is reacting to those memories now. Perhaps they were repressed memories. However, it seems like this kind of tantrum is something Cal has seen before. Maybe it’s more related to the third brother who is mysteriously missing. (See the last unanswered question in this article.) Or it could be as simple as Nate feeling powerless because his dad can still best him in a fight, and Nate can’t handle feeling powerless.

What is Maddy doing with the CD? Maddy found the CD of Cal and Jules in Nate’s room. First, why did Nate keep this CD? And second, why did Maddy take it?

Does she want something to hold over Nate or his creepy dad in case things go wrong?

Who is the third brother in Nate’s family photo? There’s a mysterious third brother in an old family portrait and we’ve never heard about him. I’m going to guess there’s a tragic backstory there that’s being saved for Season 2.

Most fans think this child died young, tragically. We also saw him in Cal’s phone background the day he met up with Jules in the pilot episode. We’ve only met Nate’s older brother Aaron so far, and the younger brother has never been mentioned.

There are a lot of theories we can still share and talk about over this next year. It’s likely that most fans will want to watch the Season 2 premiere live when it finally airs.

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