‘Euphoria’ Ratings: How Many People Watched This Season?


The new hit series on HBOEuphoria, has already come to an end. But the first season was so successful that the show has already been renewed for a second season. The ratings may not have been the highest among HBO’s shows, but they were respectable enough to get a renewal. Here’s a look at the show’s ratings.

The July 7 episode had 609,000 viewers for the 10 p.m. timeslot, Deadline reported. That’s a lot less than Big Little Lies‘ 1.8 million viewers, but it’s a great start for a new show. The July 7 views were up 24 percent from the week before and up 5 percent from the show’s June 16 premiere. After delayed digital viewings, the audience totaled 1.2 million. That’s nowhere near Game of Thrones numbers, of course, but it’s definitely a good showing for a first season that’s generating a lot of buzz. It’s likely that Season 2 will see even higher ratings.

The July 14 episode had almost the same viewership as July 7, with .21 in the 18-49 demographic and a slightly lower .579 million total watching live. Then on July 21, the episode had .569 million viewers watching live, which was a slight drop from the week before.

For July 28, Euphoria’s ratings dropped a bit more. A total of .549 million viewers watched, which was a 3.51 percent drop from the previous week. The 18-49 demographic was .19, which was slightly lower from July 21. So aside from July 7, when live viewers jumped (probably because of July 4 weekend), the show’s ratings have dropped just a bit from week to week. But keep in mind that these are live viewers and don’t account for delayed viewing, which can double the total viewer count or more.

For comparison purposes, these numbers put Euphoria 13th for live viewings of HBO shows, according to TV Series Finale. Its ratings are higher than shows like Succession, Years and Years, and Divorce. But it’s lower than Veep (.901 million), Silicon Valley (.745 million), and Big Little Lies (1.587 million). (And of course, the numbers are nowhere near the powerhouse Game of Thrones. But not even the second-highest-watched show in HBO’s lineup is close to Game of Thrones.) Still, the numbers are quite respectable for a show’s first season, and we can only expect those numbers to grow in Season 2.

To put things in an even better perspective, Euphoria‘s minor drop in ratings from July 28 was actually a very good sign. This was the first time the showed aired since Big Little Lies ended. Some thought the show’s ratings were just due to Big Little Lies’ leading into the show and at least some of the viewers were from the previous series. But this wasn’t the case. The show kept its ratings pretty stable even after Big Little Lies ended. This is also a good sign for the show’s future and shows that it has its own audience, regardless of whether or not Big Little Lies is even airing.

The viewer numbers for the finale aren’t released yet, but they will likely be respectable numbers too.

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