Ghost Hunters Revival 2019 Cast Spoilers: New Season Led by Grant Wilson

Ghost Hunters 2019 Cast

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Ghost Hunters returns to A&E with a rebooted season and all-new cast on Wednesday, August 21 at 9/8c. Grant Wilson, who helped found the show’s original team, returns to lead this new group of investigators after a 3-year hiatus

TV Guide‘s synopsis for the premiere episode, entitled “School Spirit,” reads “Original founding member Grant Wilson returns with a new team of investigators. In their first case, Grant is contacted by the principal of a century-old high school in Pocatello, Idaho, that has long been rumored to be haunted. During her tenure, the principal has dismissed many of these rumors as mere urban legends. However, the school’s security cameras capture an unexplained electrical disturbance followed by what appears to be a ghostly apparition in the hallway.”

Before the season premiere, there will be a 1-hour program, starting at 8/7c, that introduces fans to the new castmembers.

Before the return of Ghost Hunters, let’s get to know the new season’s cast:

Grant Wilson

While the reboot features a new cast of ghost hunters, one familiar face returned to lead the way is Grant Wilson. A&E says that Wilson “has paved the way for much of the modern field through his work with The Atlantic Paranormal Society (T.A.P.S), a group he co-founded nearly 30 years ago. Grant’s uniquely tempered approach to the discipline helped capture the world’s attention on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International, both of which produced.”

Daryl Marston

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Daryl will be the co-lead investigator. According to A&E, he hosts the podcast The American Ghost Hunter Show; his “investigation skills stem from his background as both a firearms instructor and a contractor.”

Kristen Luman

Kristen Luman is a hypnotherapist, co-lead investigator and paranormal researcher.

Ahead of the revival’s premiere, Luman clued her Instagram followers in on what to expect, writing “First we take a look at all the team members which is really great because you get more of an in-depth knowledge of why Grant picked us and what each person’s strengths are. At 9pm the all New Ghost Hunters premieres! It’s an awesome location and one we as investigators rarely get to work in because it’s still being used for its purpose!”

Brandon Alvis

Brandon Alvis serves as the team’s paranormal technician, and he established the American Paranormal Research Association.

Mustafa Gatollari

Mustafa Gatollari joins the team as a paranormal historian and site analyst, taking an investigative journalist approach to each story.

He encouraged his Instagram followers to tune in to the premiere, joking “Watch my huge ass and nose investigate paranormal activity in a high school.”

Brian Murray

Brian Murray is a paranormal investigator and former Marine Corps Platoon Sergeant. He uses his military experience and expertise in construction to support the “Ghost Hunters” investigations.

Richel Stratton

Richel Stratton has ten years of experience as a paranormal investigator and is also a mom of two and a dental hygenist.

Tune in to new episodes of Ghost Hunters, Wednesday nights at 9/8c on A&E.

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