Glorietta & Alex on ‘Love After Lockup’

Instagram Glorietta on 'Love After Lockup.'

Glorietta and Alex, stars of the reality series Love After Lockup, met through the former’s cousin. They have been together for eight months, but during their time together, they have never been able to touch each other or have a physical relationship. Both are eager to get on with their romance once Alex is released from prison.

Glorietta, 33, is a nurse’s assistant and mother of one who dreams of settling down with Alex. She considers herself to be a hopeless romantic, and is sure that Alex is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. During the season promo, Glorietta is shown standing outside of the prison with balloons as she waits for Alex. “I see him coming!” she yells upon seeing him.

Glorietta & Alex Have Never Made Physical Contact Due to the Latter Being Locked Up

The only problem is, Alex has not been completely honest with her. According to Monsters & Critics, the inmate has kept in close contact with his ex, and his reputation as a ladies man may threaten to destroy the bond that he and Glorietta have created once he’s out. Elsewhere in the promo, Glorietta is seen talking to a relative and telling her that Alex “comes from a nice family.” The relative counters by saying, “Ted Bundy came from a nice family!” The official We tv description for the couple states:

Glorietta is a hopeless romantic who met Alex through her cousin who was serving time at the same prison. In their eight months together, Glorietta and Alex have never spent time together without a glass partition between them. Can Glorietta get playboy Alex to settle down and give her the wedding of her dreams or will he be tempted by his ex, to fall back into the lifestyle he once lived?

Alex’s Relationship with His Ex-Girlfriend May Threaten His ‘Storybook’ Romance with Glorietta

The synopsis for the August 23 episode reads, “Cheryl stuns mom with a bombshell about her felon fiancé. Lacey risks it all for Shane’s release. Andrea freaks when Lamondre blows up, and Angela panics that Tony may not show. Lizzy’s sister warns her about bad-boy Daniel, while Vince learns a shocking truth about Amber.”

Will Glorietta get to settle down with the man of her dreams, or will Alex’s playboy past come back to haunt him and disrupt their storybook romance? Fans will have to tune in Fridays at 9/8c on WE tv to catch Glorietta and Alex’s journey and see how the drama plays out.

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