Where Is Haley Ferguson’s Twin Emily Today?

Instagram Emily (L) and Haley Ferguson (R)

Bachelor Nation alumni Emily and Haley Ferguson are typically attached at the hip, but only the latter of these identical blonde twins is returning to Bachelor in Paradise for Season 6. The sisters have always appeared on the show’s cycles together, first as contestants on Ben Higgins‘ season of The Bachelor, and then appeared on both Season 3 and 4 of Paradise. The Ferguson twins even allowed the franchise to deliver them as a package deal to suitors, so it’s a little jarring for viewers to only see one Ferguson twin arrive in Mexico this summer.

However, there’s no reason for concern. Emily and Haley, 26, are still each other’s best friends, and continue to have that ridiculously close kind of love and connection that only twins seem to share. The main reason Emily is not going with her sister to Paradise is because she has already found love with boyfriend William Karlsson, a hockey player for the Las Vegas Knights, and it seems like he may be “the one.”

Emily Lives With Boyfriend William Karlsson

Nicknamed “Wild Bill” on the ice, the 26-year-old from Sweden started his professional career playing for the Anaheim Ducks in 2014, but moved to Las Vegas when the city formed their first hockey team in 2017, which is around the same time he first started dating Emily, who’s a Sin City native. Karlsson is currently a free agent, but it seems likely that the Knights will re-sign the center player for the 2019 season, which is great news for his relationship.

After nearly two years of dating, Emily and Karlsson moved in together in June. The reality TV star wrote about the momentous occasion on Instagram saying, “So happy for you @larswilliamkarlsson. Your hard work and dedication got you here and you deserve it all. I’ve been so luck to always call Vegas my home. To now be able to call this with YOU is the best thing ever. I’m so excited for OUR life together here in VIVA LAS VEGAS!”

Emily & Karlsson Spent Their Summer in Italy & Sweden

While Haley flew to Mexico to find love on Paradise, Emily and Karlsson jetted off for vacation in Italy. Documenting much of the trip on Instagram, the couple visited Olbia and Sardinia, touring cities by boat, and watching the sunset on the beach. Basically, Emily was living the same Paradise life as her sister, but in another country, and without the drama of jumping into an already established dating pool of people.

In addition to Italy, they visited Karlsson’s home country of Sweden. Over the course of three weeks, Emily and her boyfriend stopped in the small town of Sigtuna, and spent a lot of time in Stockholm. After Paradise finished filming, Haley also joined her sister in Sweden.

Ultimately, it’s wonderful to see the Ferguson twins branch off and become their own person. It was always weird watching the two of them group together during rose ceremonies on the reality dating series. While they look exactly alike, Emily and Haley are two separate beautiful women, each of whom deserves to find love on their own.

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