Does Hannah G. Pick Dylan or Blake on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour

ABC/John Fleenor Pictured: Hannah Godwin

Hannah Brown, aka Hannah B., appears on Bachelor in Paradise this week to speak with her friend and cast member Demi Burnett. Burnett has been struggling with a relationship she had with a woman prior to filming and Brown sits down with her to talk about the situation. But, Brown isn’t the only Hannah on the show this week, dealing with some issues in Paradise.

Hannah Godwin has been playing the field a bit on BIP 2019 and it’s beginning to backfire. She has called herself a “people-pleaser”, but fellow cast member Tayshia Adams said she wasn’t buying Godwin’s “good girl” act. She said Hannah G. has known exactly what she’s doing when it comes to juggling Blake Horstmann and Dylan Barbour. The other cast members had been rallying for Barbour, who was clear about his interest in Godwin, genuine with his intentions, and was head over heels for the blonde. Meanwhile, Horstmann had already felt the wrath of a couple of former flames on the show.

Now, before we get into all the spoilers on Hannah Godwin and the man who she ends up with, THIS IS YOUR MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING. Read on for the rundown on who Godwin picks.

Hannah G Picks Dylan Barbour

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According to ABC, on tonight’s episode, “Hannah G. must make up her mind between her two ardent suitors: Blake and Dylan.” So, which man does she pick? Reality Steve has reported that, “It’s during this episode that Blake tells Caelynn and Tayshia that he wants to pursue Hannah G. Hannah is already pretty close with Dylan at this point, so nothing ever comes of Blake & Hannah, although at the rose ceremony, they’ll probably make it seem like Hannah was choosing between Dylan and Blake.”

So, Godwin chooses Barbour.

Now let’s take this a step further with the spoilers. Does Godwin end up with Barbour?

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour Are Engaged

Well, according to Reality Steve, Godwin and Barbour get engaged. And, they are still together today.

This should please fans who have been in favor of Barbour over Horstmann on Twitter. One user wrote, “PROTECT DYLAN AT ALL COSTS!!! Hannah and Blake are gross.” Another fan wrote, “Tayshia’s right: Hannah G. is a player, and she’s 100% screwing with Dylan’s emotions. #BachelorInParadise.”

With some of the BIP fans against Godwin’s decision to pursue Horstmann in addition to dating Barbour on the show, Barbour has defended his fiancee online. Barbour tweeted out to criticizers, “Give her a break y’all. I know what I signed up for.” At the same time, Barbour has commented about some of the difficulties he’s had on the show, dating Godwin. In one tweet, he wrote, “This sucks. I should have gone on the Jersey Shore.”

Prior to meeting Godwin on the show, Barbour told Entertainment Tonight that, “Hannah G. is unbelievable. I mean, she’s obviously just beautiful. And I think it’s unfortunate we didn’t get to see her personality [on The Bachelor] and I’m excited to just … I’m excited for everyone to see kinda what the energy is like … I find Hannah G. very attractive.”

After Paradise, Barbour dished to ET Online, “[I] can’t stop smiling. I think that there’s a lot of attractive women in the world and the most important thing is just, like, an emotional and mental, obviously physical attraction to it too. So, I’m hoping we find that … [I’m] hoping people see kind of what maybe we have.”