Is Taylor Swift Engaged or Married? Fans Speculate After Release of ‘Lover’

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift - 'Lover' album cover

Is Taylor Swift engaged or married? After her song “Lover” was released, fans are wondering if she might have gotten engaged, or even if she’s already married.

The song by Swift is the fourth track to be released leading up to her seventh studio album, which is named Lover as well. The single was released on midnight, on August 16, to the great joy of the Swiftie universe. As for the album, it contains 18 tracks in total, and will be released on August 23.

The lyrics in Lover that have piqued the interest of Swift’s fans read:

Ladies and gentleman will you please stand?

With every guitar string scar on my hand

I take this magnetic force of a man to be my


Another set of intriguing lyrics within the song read: “I’ve loved you three summers honey, but I want them all”

Swift has not given any confirmation that she is engaged or already married to her boyfriend of three years, British actor Joe Alwyn. She hasn’t worn an engagement ring in any recent public appearances, or in any of her social media photos.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Speculate About Swift’s Possible Secret Engagement After Lover

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Swift is the kind of megastar who generates crazy interest for any given track — but when she releases a track that hints at her marital status, you know it’s going to be big.

One Swift fan tweeted, “Two questions I have listening to #Lover: 1) Is @taylorswift13 engaged? 2) Who doesn’t leave their Christmas lights up until January? #LoverAtMidnight”


Swift has never been married. However, she has been in several high profile relationships. She’s been publicly involved with Alwyn for three years now, if the lyrics in Lover are true. Swift and Alwyn have become notorious for their tight-lipped attitude about their relationship, which is likely why fans are so willing to believe Swift might have had a secret engagement or marriage.

Swift might not be engaged, but she certainly left her fair share of clues to confirm that she’s talking about marrying Alwyn in the future, at the very least. First, her lyric video shows the heart to be set to the theme of the Union Jack, the official flag for England.

One fan speculated that the music video for Lover will be where they see Alwyn propose. Another speculated the video will show actual wedding footage.

She tweeted, “What if tay and joe secretly got married and the Lover music video is wedding footage. I’LL FLING MYSELF INTO SPACE AND DIE …like totally probably not going to remotely be it but omg can you imagine?”

Another little hint Swift gives to her fans to confirm she’s talking about her love with Alwyn can be found when she references the exact time period she’s been in a relationship with him for: “Three summers.”

She also describes Alwyn in the same way she described him in songs in her sixth studio album, Reputation. For example, she references his magnetism in Gorgeous. 

One user tweeted of the confusion, “So is  @taylorswift13 engaged or married or just messing around with my emotions?”

Another tweeted, “I think I have a new favorite TS song…also feeling some vibes like miss Taylor is married or engaged and I’m slightly offended I wasn’t invited or even told about this. This will definitely be a song at my wedding.”

Though it might be a damper on many Swifties’ hopes, it’s worth noting that Swift has made many references to marriage in the past within her songs. The single Mine is all about a love that blossoms into a lifelong romance, and the single Speak Now is literally about a girl objecting at a wedding and running away with the groom.

For those looking for explicit answers from Swift, you can keep an eye on her Instagram, which is where she has the most active social media presence.

Swift’s album releases in full on August 23; it’s likely that the other unknown 14 tracks on the album will offer plenty for Swifties to sink their teeth into, in terms of clues for her personal life.