John Hinckley Jr.’s Diary Discusses Jodie Foster & Feeling Accomplished

John Hinckley Jr.'s Diary

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John Hinckley Jr. kept a diary in which he wrote about his assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981.

He began writing in his diary following his arrest. He called the diary, “The Diary of A Person We All Know.”

Excerpts from his diary are being revealed on Dateline NBC in its special, HINCKLEY: Diary of a Dangerous Mind.

Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity. He was released from a psychiatric hospital in 2016. Hinckley shot three other people in the assassination attempt on Reagan.

The diary included musings about his feelings on the assassination attempt. He wrote in the diary leading up to the trial, saying he sometimes regretted “the incident” and other times feels “satisfied” about what he “accomplished.”

Hinckley, who had a fixation with actress Jodie Foster, also wrote about the woman in his diary. He described feeling empty and sad, writing, “Where are you, Jodie?”

Here’s what you need to know:

Hinckley Wrote He Sometimes Regrets What He Did & Other Times Feels Satisfied

Shortly before Hinkley’s trial in the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, he wrote about his feelings regarding what he did.

“There are many times when I thoroughly regret the incident and then many times when I think about what I have accomplished and feel satisfied.”

Hinckley had a habit of falling short on tasks he aimed to accomplish. In a profile published after the assassination attempt, Newsweek reported Hinckley attended Texas Tech University periodically for seven years. He was at least an average student, but left the university just one semester before he could have graduated.

Hinckley Wrote About Jodie Foster in His Diary

Hinckley was reported to have a fixation with actress Jodie Foster. He was trying to impress the actress through the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan Jr.

Hinckley made reference to Foster in his diary.

“I have such an empty, sad feeling. Where are you Jodie?”

His obsession with Foster was the basis for his insanity defense. He wrote a letter to the actress saying, “sadly, your death is also required.”

Before the assassination attempt, Hinckley lived a life of obscurity, Newsweek wrote in a profile after the shooting. His assassination attempt was meant to provide an introduction to Foster, a teenage actress he never met.

Hinckley Also Wrote About Plans to Kill President Jimmy Carter in His Diary

Reagan was not the only president who Hinckley aimed to kill. Before he shot Reagan, he was arrested at Nashville airport for attempting to board a plane with three guns. While the crime would likely be a serious offense today, at the time it was considered too trivial for him to be fingerprinted, Newsweek reported.

The offense kept him off the Secret Service’s “watch list” because he had not made a specific threat. However, Hinckley was carrying a suitcase containing a diary which spelled out plans to assassinate President Jimmy Carter.

Hinckley also made plans to kill Senator Edward M. Kennedy, deciding he wanted to be the third Kennedy assassin. However, he easily gave up on his plan and became frustrated when Kennedy did not walk by while Hinckley waited in the corridor of the senator’s office.

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